Season 2, Episode 9
Air date April 11, 2013
Written by User:Anti-Cosmo Dude
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Sweaty Finds a Bone

Dog is the twenty-third episode of Fairly OddSeesponges and ninth episode of Season 2. It is a half-hour special and the Seesponges Family get a dog.


The Seesponges Family gets a dog named Sweaty but he runs away. Now Connor and Jenna must get him back before it's the coldest night of the year (-45 degrees Celsius, around negative 120 Farenheit).


The episode begins with Quintin begging for a sea dog, which their parents approve of. The family goes to the pet store and finds a sea dog named Sonic, which seems cool, until it turns out to be a sea hedgehog. They then see a sea dog named Spunky, who throws up on Quintin. The family then sees Sparky, Daniel, Da Da, Charles, and many other random Sea Dogs. They finally settle on Sweaty, who isn't what his name suggests he is. They leave walking down the street with their new dog.

The episode continues with the dog running around the house, careful not to knock anything over. It's already 9 at night, so the kids get to bed. However, that night, Sweaty runs away from home. Jenna doesn't find out until next morning when Quintin is outside on the street looking for Sweaty. Connor and Jenna go on a big quest to find him, and do eventually find them, before the negative forty degree night.

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