the 3rd episode of planet poof paired with forgotten


when king gripullon is unhappy with the way his new guard is to him he fires him but then he decides that poof anf mark should be the new guards of yugopatamia meanwhile ti, dylan and ken go to a movie action convention where they meet the director of mission impossible brad bird and they ask them if they can be in his next movie meanwhile retunia and a new girl dena are denied privalleges into the beauty salon so they graba bunch of wepons and flamingoes to get past them but what they didn't know is the wepons actually released a wormhole with all of the world's most evil including evil monster, grulder and keith but what none of them no is their is a new bad guy on the loose st. solone who planned all of them to come back but now retunia and dena have to get to mark and poof to help them or yugopatamia will be sucked into an evil yugopatamia

voice cast

rob paulsen as king gripullon/ mark

mitchel musso as guard

tara strong as poof

leo howard as ti

jason earls as dylan field

dylan sprouse as ken

brad birdas himself

selena gomaze as retunia

charishma carpenter as dena

nicholas brendon as evil monster

james marster as grulder

roshon fegan as keith

anthony stewart head as st. solone



  • christian kane as kantana was absent in this episode because he was sick
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