Dimmsdale Mall
Dimmsdale Mall
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Location Dimmsdale
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The Dimmsdale Mall is a shopping complex located in Dimmsdale. The popular kids are often seen shopping here.


The Dimmsdale Mall is a popular attraction for the residents of Dimmsdale, mainly teen and pre-teen girls. Mrs. Turner also visits this mall for sales, and gets into shopping cart races with Mrs. Hembel.


The mall is a typical shopping center that is at least two floors tall, as it has escalators in it as well as a water fountain. There are all sorts of stores at the mall.



  • Comix
  • Arcade
  • Baby Town
  • Go Wear
  • Train
  • Chocolates
  • Joi de Veja
  • Korean Barbecue
  • Beauty Salon
  • Shoes
  • Village Bicycle
  • Dumetz shoes
  • Electronics
  • Pot Shack
  • Shumagidale

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