Different Generation, Same Love Triangle/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Elementary)
(everyone walks out of class; Jessie rushes right in front of Tommy)
Jessie: Hey Tommy, Valentine's Day is just a few days away. You know what that means?
Tommy: Yep. Love is around the air and and a perfect day for a present for someone special.
Jessie: (hearts surrounding her) Really?!
Tommy: That's right. (pulls out his phone showing his project) I've been making this giant 50ft tall heart out of paper mache for days and I've just finished sticking the presents inside. And I know exactly who to give it to.
(lovely music was heard as the camera slowly zoomed in on Jessie and then Tommy)
Tommy: (points at Amanda) Amanda Martin!
(Amanda walking; music stops with a record scratch; the hearts around Jessie break in half and she punches Tommy as he flies to the wall and falls on the ground near Amanda standing)
Tommy: Hi, Amanda.
Amanda: Oh, hey, Timmy.
Tommy: Tommy. I hope you haven't forgotten about our date at the park.
(Jessie walks by)
Jessie: Yeah, maybe you should go with Amanda! Who knows, maybe you two could sit on a tree and do a little k-wording for all I care! I gotta go. Something's come up. (voice breaking) It's sweat through my eyes. (runs off crying)
Tommy: Jessie, wait!
Amanda: I'm sure she'll be fine. She'll get over it, by punching a picture of you.
Marty: (walks in) And besides, there's only one problem with your little date: and that's because Amanda already has one with me.
Tommy: Okay then, it's a double date then.
Marty: (makes buzzing noise) Wrong! Double date requires two boys and two girls. And it seems to me that you've already made one's eyes turn into water.
(Tommy looks down ashamed and confused)
Marty: Let's go, Amanda. (he and Amanda walk away) This hallway reeks of selfish buck-tooth boy.
(Greg, C.J. and D.J. walk near Tommy as he's on his knees)
D.J.: Another love situation, huh?
Tommy: It's just that, (sigh) I have a soft spot for both Jessie and Amanda, and I can't have two like those greedy kids on TV. And both of them have flaws: on one hand, Amanda constantly rejects me, and on the other hand, Jessie constantly punches me. No matter what I do, I get hurt, either verbally or physically.
Greg: And you sure deserve another bit of physical pain after what you did to my sister! And since she left, I might as well do the punching for her. (punches Tommy by the shoulder, but not as hard as Jessie, barely phasing him)
Tommy: (monotone) Ow. What should I do?
C.J.: Well, I'd recommend you should ask your parents for some tips.
Tommy: Sounds like a good idea.

(Tang Mansion)
Trixie: So, you need some advice on how to get the right girl?
Tommy: I sure do. You know any ideas, Mom?
Trixie: Well, to be honest, I never bothered nor did I care about those kind of things during my youth. Yet, at that time I've been complimented on how pretty I was and still am.
Tommy: Well, so much for parenting advice.
Trixie: But if you want, you could ask your father. I'm sure he'll show you the ropes.
Tommy: Okay, thanks Mom.

(The Turner's House)
Timmy: You asked the right person, son. You see, when it comes to picking the right girl, you have to choose wisely and observe what you and that girl like together. That I had to learn the hard way. Since then, my love was on your mother-in-law.
(Tootie standing near the door makes a smile overhearing Timmy then walks out)
Tommy: Well, I'm sure I can talk things out with Jessie and Amanda.
Timmy: (rubs Tommy's head) You'll make the right choice. I guarantee.
(Tommy walks out of Timmy's room; Timmy turns on his computer and looks up pictures of the girls he had a connection to when he was young; a picture of Trixie and Timmy sitting on the school bus together with Timmy wearing cool clothes; a picture of Timmy and Tootie sitting near a tree during sunset with their names on the tree; a picture of Timmy and Veronica in Paris with their palms near each other; a picture of Timmy and Missy holding hands during sunset; a picture of Timmy and Brianna Bailey making jewelry angels; a picture of Betty Star hugging Timmy; Timmy smiles after seeing the pictures)

(Tommy's room)
Tammy: You've got to think this through, Tommy. If you really don't want to go through the same love road as dad, you should find the solution to see who you love the most.
Tommy: It's too hard for me to decide.
Poof: (as he and his parents poof out of fish form) Well, let's start with something simple: what do you, Jessie and Amanda have in common?
Tommy: Well, we all have rich, wealthy moms.
Cosmo: Money isn't the answer to all your problems, Tommy. Speaking of which, (to Wanda) do you have an extra twenty I can borrow, Wanda?
Wanda: (sigh) Let me guess, another guys trip at the Fairy World Golf Tournament and you need some cash for some equipment?
Cosmo: Actually, I need it to pay them back for breaking their golf equipment.
Tammy: Moving on.
Tommy: I give up. I'm out of ideas. Last thing I could think of is entering the Dimmsdale Love Connection show.
Tammy: Didn't that show get cancelled after the last contestants had a raging breakdown?
Cosmo: Oh, it was hilarious! Did you see the look on the camera man's face after the second female contestant exposed the first by showing a picture of her tiny wart in her left cheek?
Tammy: I honestly didn't think anyone would look so traumatized seeing a wart on someone's face.
Wanda: That depends on who you're asking. Wait! I think I found the perfect solution to Tommy's love problem. (raise her wand;PROBLEM SOLVING POOF!)
(Fairy World)
Cupid: (voice heard) Looking to solve your love problem? Well, look no more because it's time for another episode of The Fairy Dating Game!
(shots of previous fairy couples getting back together)
Cupid: For the first time ever in The Fairy Dating Game, a fairy godchild from Earth has volunteered to be tonight's contestant and see who's the perfect human girl for him. And now, here's your beloved host and the god of love... (onscreen) Me, Cupid!
(audience cheers)
Wallet: (holding the camera) Woooo!! That's my (shows a tattoo of Cupid's name on her shoulder) man!
Cupid: Now, please give a round of applause to our first human contestant, Tommy Turner!
(the audience literally spin their arms in a circle while applauding)
Neptunia: (to Astronov and Sunny) It sure helps amuse the crowd.
Cupid: Now, it's time for young Thomas to start asking a few questions to his two love interests. (snaps his finger)
(scene cut to Jessie angrily punching a picture of Tommy, and she poofs away after making the final blow; another scene where Marty and Amanda are walking at the park until Amanda poofs away)
Marty: Amanda? (gets poofed away too)
(back to The Fairy Dating Game where Jessie and Amanda appear next to each other and Jessie accidentally punches Amanda in the shoulder when she was about to make a big punch from the Tommy picture earlier)
Amanda: Ow!
(Marty poof in between Mitzie and Otto in the audience)
Marty: What happened?
Mitzie: A situation being solved.
Otto: To see who's the best girlfriend for Tommy.
Marty: This I gotta see.
Jessie: What's going on here?
Cupid: You two are our new love contestants for a special human boy trying to pick the which one of you is the best girl for him.
(Jessie and Amanda look at the shadow and already recognize it's Tommy)
Amanda: I can see where this is going.
Cupid: (to the audience) And to make sure our contestant doesn't recognize who's whom straight ahead, my camera lady and beloved wife Wallet will change their voices.
Wallet: Voice changes (raise her wand) coming up. (VOICE CHANGE POOF!)
Jessie: (different voice) Did it wor... (realizing) Hey, cool! Now I sound as pretty as I look.
Amanda: (different voice) Speak for yourself. Woah. This is... kinda creepy.
Cupid: Let the games begin.

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