Daycare Nightmare/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Elementary)
Elmer: (on intercom) Thomas Turner, Gregory Prestonovich, Otto Buxaplenty, Martin Mulligan and David James, report to the principal's office immediately!
D.J.: Greg, what did you do this time?
Greg: I don't know!
Otto: Only one way to find out.
(fade to the principal's office, where Elmer's head is bandaged)
Elmer: I'm very disappointed in you after what happened this morning before class, boys.
D.J.: What happened to you, Principal Boyle?
Tommy: Was it one of Greg's pranks?
Elmer: Close. (pulls up his smartphone and shows a video of the school surveillance where Charlie, Tommy, Greg, Otto, Marty and D.J. are inside the school and put an anvil above Elmer's seat in his office; they all laugh and leave the principal's office)
Marty: What?! Charlie!
(the video cuts to Elmer going inside his office, but once he sits down, the anvil falls onto his head)
Otto: Okay, now that's just mean.
Greg: I would never stoop that low.
D.J.: Principal Boyle, we didn't do it!
Elmer: Well, the surveillance video said otherwise.
Tommy: Good thing Charlie didn't get the girls involved in this. But D.J.'s right, we didn't do it, we don't even remember doing that! We're sorry! Charlie set us up!
Elmer: And I want to congratulate you for giving me a head injury. Trixie Tang, tell the boys what they've won!
(Trixie appears in the office and strikes a pose; then opens her eyes)
Trixie: 20 years later, and still no spotlight?
Elmer: Just read the card.
Trixie: Well, Tommy, Otto, Greg, Marty and D.J., you've all won three days at Vicky's Day Care center.
Elmer: Right you are, Trixie! At Vicky's Day Care, you're going to learn discipline! Oh, did I say discipline? I meant you'll have loads of fun there! You will eat the finest meals, make some new friends, and be able to exercise regularly!
Greg: (whispers to Tommy) Something tells me that he's lying.
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