"Darla" is a fanmade character who has a unrequited toward Remy.


Darla has the same popularity like Trixie's, however, she's much more snobbier and rude. Also, Darla always rejects Tad and Chad, which the two boys took a look at her face and turn to drooling puppies. She hates Trixie (regular Trixie), Veronica Star and other losers. In addition, she has a super-villain form known as "Black Widowette," which she's evil as well. Darla also stole a Remy Wee Doo doll from Timmy and told how Trixie felt. She is madly in love with Evil Trixie.


Darla has Trixie's face and has black hair. She also has a red rose on her hair and wears a red long sleeve with a red turtleneck. She wears a black tiny skirt (just like Susie who wears red orange and Trixie who wears white). She also wears red boots (like Susie who wears red orange boots and Trixie who wears white boots).

Relationship with others

  • Trixie Tang: She hates Trixie Tang, and almost tried to kill her with Evil Trixie, but Veronica saved Trixie.
  • Veronica: She hates Veronica Star, and always trips her in the hallway.
  • Tad and Chad: She thinks they are annoying, and she always rejects them.
  • Mal-Timmy: She hates Mal-Timmy. He ditched Evil Trixie, so Darla decided to be in love with Evil Trixie.
  • Evil Trixie: She is madly in love with Evil Trixie, and they always like to kiss.


  • Because she's in love with Evil Trixie, Darla is a lesbian.
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