Dark Laser's Journey/Quotes

(Timmy's House)
(Ivan opens the door at his house when Mr. Turner arrives and greets Ivan)
Mr. Turner: Ah, hello, Ivan. So, what are you here for?
Ivan: Hi, Mr. Turner, nice to meet you. Is Timmy around?
Mr. Turner: He's in his room.
Ivan: Thanks.

(Ivan goes upstairs and knocks at the door to Timmy's room)
Timmy: Ah, you're here.
Timantha: Nice to see you, Ivan. So what brings you to my brother's room?
Ivan: I came here to see Timmy and ask him on what are we going to do today.

Timmy: Ivan, I just realized something.
Ivan: What is it, Timmy?
Timmy: I remember that Dark Laser used to be one of my unwished wishes.
Ivan: Yeah, so?
Timmy: How did Dark Laser escape Unwish Island?
Astronov: What's Unwish Island?!
Timmy: It's an island located in the Bermuda Triangle where all my unwished wishes are located.
Ivan: Then how did Dark Laser escape Unwish Island?
Timmy: I don't know, and besides, I just asked you that question. Cosmo, Wanda?
(Cosmo and Wanda and Poof appear besides Timmy)
Wanda: What is it, Timmy?
Timmy: We're going to Dark Laser's Death Ball.
Cosmo: Timmy, why are we going to the Death Ball?
Timmy: Poof, explain.
Poof: (as background fades to a flashback) While Timmy and I have been pushed by the wrecking ball, I accidentally poofed ourselves to the Death Ball. While there, we saw Dark Laser constructing it, and we didn't notice that Dark Laser has escaped Unwish Island.
Wanda: (interrupting the flashback) Poof, you weren't even born when Timmy was on Unwish Island.
Poof: Oh yeah. Anyway, (cut to the flashback) Dark Laser once used me to power the Death Ball as I accidentally went into the power supply, because I happen to be ball-shaped. So, Dark Laser threatened to destroy Earth...twice!
(Ivan and his fairies gasp)
Poof: Don't worry, that didn't happen. Timmy covered Dark Laser in cement, pulled me out, and I managed to say Timmy's name.
Neptunia: That's adorable.
Poof: Timmy has set the Death Ball to self-destruct, and so he wished for me to poof him back home, but I was unable to do it, so he called up my parents, and so we got poofed back home, I cleaned Timmy and his room up and he got to watch the Death Ball explode. However, we made the news, and my parents were not too happy with that.
Ivan: Why, though?
Poof: You see, my parents were so exhausted from taking care of me, that Timmy volunteered to be responsible and keep an eye on me while my parents have a night on the town. Being just a newborn, I wandered off, making Timmy worried. One time, I went through a construction site, which, incidentally, made it on the news, making Timmy fail at responsibility.
Astronov: That's an interesting story.

Ivan: Let's go ask Dark Laser on how he escaped Unwish Island.
Timmy: Good idea. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, I wish we were at the Death Ball.
(Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Astronov and Neptunia raise their wands up, TO THE DEATH BALL!)

(Outer space; the Death Ball; Dark Laser gets out of the shower, Timmy and Ivan with their fairies poof up)
Dark Laser: Hello, Timmy, long time no see.
Timmy: Hello, Dark Laser, we came here to ask you a few questions.
Ivan: Hey, cool toy dog! Can I play with it?
Dark Laser: Don't touch Flipsie!
Ivan: Oh, sorry.
Dark Laser: And, uh, who are you again?
Ivan: I'm Timmy's friend, Ivan Prestonovich.
Dark Laser: ...Doesn't ring a bell.
Ivan: We once met when you tried to destroy Timmy, and also played volleyball against each other.
Dark Laser: Oh, yeah, now I remember.
Timmy: Now that we are done with introductions, I have a question to ask to you.
Dark Laser: What question?
Timmy: How did you escape Unwish Island?
Dark Laser: Hmm... you kids better sit down, 'cause this story is gonna go on for a while.
(Timmy, Ivan and their fairies sit down as Dark Laser begins telling the story. Fade to Unwish Island)
Dark Laser: It all started on Unwish Island...

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