Dark Angel is The Second Child of Mal Timmy and Trixie and The Sister/Brother to Goy. She Wears a Long Dark Dress And has Purple Hair. She Is Pure EVIL!!!

Dark Angel was Created in a Ball of Magic Dust when Mal Timmy accidentally spilled a Venom Juice to kill Timmy. Her Ears were Made of Metal and Her Titanium Spine Enhances Her Strength,Jumping Ability and Speed,Including the 6 Senses (The Sixth One is Instinct,as She Says). Her Laser Vision is Also Very Stong and Unstable which Burns Thru Steel. tucked Under Her Fingernails are Acid Paintball Compartments which she uses to destroy People who Get to Close to her. She also has a Black Belt in Karate,Tai Chi AND Kung Fu In Her Long Silver Chain Robe. She also Has Many Weapons in her Robe. Her Enemies are Timmy and Tara. she is Voiced By Elizabeth Gillies.

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