Dante Turner
Dante Turner image
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 40
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Daran Turner clone
Teacher of Sally and Mary Amber
  Planet of the Dads
  Pappy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Dinkleberg Rivalry Origins (The All New Fairly OddParents!)
Voiced by:
Daran Norris

Dante Turner is one of the major characters of The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan. He is a clone of Daran Turner.


Much like Jonathan and Hilda Larsman, Dante Turner moves from the Planet of the Dads to Dimmsdale to start a new life and get a new job on Earth. Another reason why he moved to Earth was because he is aware of the existence of the real Daran Turner living in Dimmsdale but never reveals himself, yet.


Being a clone of Timmy's dad, Dante looks identical to him, wearing a white shirt with a black tie, and blue pants with black shoes. He also has a button on his short claiming he's number 11 on the wished up clones. When working as a lunch man in school, Dante wears a hair net.


Dante is much more intelligent than the original Daran and Cosmo. Somehow, he is aware of the original Daran's hatred of Sheldon Dinkleberg. Aside from being much smarter than Daran, it is shown that he is a master chef at the Planet of the Dads, as many kids in Lyra Ubetcha Memorial School really like his cooking.
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