Screwball: So there you are my dad, a statue oh so cold so dead. You tore the world apart, and everyfairy lost their head. Now i must carry on making chaos for you instead,'Cause you are my Daddy Discord, and I am a piece of you.

I miss you daddy.

Discord: Please do not cry my dear, your daddy is still very here. And when i do bust out, we can respread the random fear. Our joy will be their pain, as their world drowns in chocolate rain. 'Cause i am your Daddy Discord, and you are a piece of me.

Screwball: Remember that one time, you took me to that baseball game, i found my talent.

Discord: And things were never quite the same.

Both: My high pitches flew, driving the fairies all insane.

Screwball: 'cause you are my daddy discord and i am a piece of you

Discord: 'cause i am your daddy discord and you are a piece of me

Discord Oh, simple sparle of mine, without you I would be so lost. You have stuck by my side

Screwball: No matter what the chances cost.

Both: My craze to imagine thoughts, have given you your new bouned strength

Screwball: 'Cause i am your daughter Screwball. And your breaking out of there!

Discord: 'Cause you are my daughter Screwball. And i'm breaking out of here!

Screwball: Daddy, You're alive!

Discord: i'm free! Free once again! May Fairy World return back to it's natural chaos status! Come my little Abodomination, we have work to do.

Screwball: (sigh) I missed you daddy.

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