Anti-Cosmo: Last part of the Fairly oddparents episode 2....

Cosmo: Hey I'm supposed to be the Narrator!

  • Cosmo beats up Anti-Cosmo*
  • Cosmo breaths*

Cosmo: (breath) ok. Is this camera on Wanda?

Wanda: Yes Cosmo.

Cosmo: So anyways Timmy found himself in a deserted house.

Cosmo: Will he overcome his fears? Or will he turn on a flashlight? Find out on this episode of the fairly oddparents!

Cosmo: Wanda? I don't like being in the forests at night!!

Wanda: Just roll the film and get near the camp fire. It's warm.

Timmy: *Turns on flashlight* *Evil smile* Mwahahahahaha!!!


  • Film Turns on*

Timmy: I've gotta find Cosmo and Wanda and Poof!

  • Wood barricade breaks*

Timmy: Gah! It's the headless horsemann!

Headless Horsemann: Pfft. I'm so not taking your head because of your large buckteeth.

Timmy: Really?

Headless Horsemann: Yep.

Headless Horsemann: I'm gonna find a different head to wear.

Timmy: Phew!

Timmy: Cosmo? Wanda? Poof?

Wanda: Timmy?
Timmy: Wanda!

Wanda: Make a wish!

Timmy: I wish I was a vampire with a german accent!

  • I vant to suck your blood!*

Timmy: Cool I am a vampire!

Timmy: I vonder vhere Cosmo is?

Timmy: I vish vat Cosmo and Poof vas here!

  • Cosmo-Poof Poof!*

Cosmo: Timmy?

  • Poof stops crying*

Poof: Poof poof!

  • Poof!*

Timmy: Was it just a form?

End of part 2







Headless Horsemann

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