Cupid's Love's the first episode of Season 20. It'll air December 31, 2039 AD (in fanon).

Plot As usual, Timmy pines for Trixie's love. When Remy and Tootie find this out, both get upset, as they're infatuated with Timmy/Trixie. Meanwhile, in Fairy Spa, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, and Blonda visit Juandissimo and Jacelyn. Cupid's spying on them to make sure Cosmo or Poof doesn't cause trouble. When Jacelyn glares at Blonda, Cupid sees her and falls for her. Jacelyn's affection for Juandissimo, however, causes her to hate anything lovey, so when she finds out, she causes Cupid to get a boo-boo. Later, Cosmo remembers Mandie's mum, and reveals he likes her more than Wanda, to Wanda's chagrin. So Cosmo visits Mandie's mum, who's kissing Grippulon. Cosmo and Grippulon start a bit of a rivalry for Mandie's mum's love. Meanwhile, Cupid's spying on Jacelyn before pulling out his top three gifts: a watermelon, red roses, and a ring. Even though Jacelyn would like the ring best, Cupid picks the watermelon. He wraps it up and gives it to Jacelyn. Curiously, Jacelyn opens it, and gets upset when it's a watermelon. Wandissimo and Poof are watching it, thinking it's cute. But not when Jacelyn thrust the watermelon into Cupid's face and flew off. After that incident, Cupid began sobbing, and would go on for twenty-three hours and fifty-eight minutes. Meanwhile, it looked like a romantic relationship would start between Timmy and Trixie, but Remy bust in and kissed Trixie. Then, Tootie burst in and wouldn't let go of Timmy. Both victims of love tried to escape, but couldn't. Meanwhile, Cosmo and Grippulon got the best look they could. Because of his lack of smarts, Cosmo turns into a wildebeest. He tries to kiss Mandie's mum, but it looks like he's sabotaging the moment. So Mandie's mum gets upset at him. Meanwhile, Grippulon changes himself into Justin, but with purple hair with pink highlights, black lipstick, dark clothing, yellow skin, green eyes, dark mascara, and brown cowboy boots. When he runs up to Mandie's mum and refers to himself as Maarten, Mandie's mum's instantly wooed, much to Grippulon's excitement and Cosmo's chagrin. Meanwhile, the children on Earth are fighting with the other member of their gender. Mark left his fake-i-fier behind. So Tootie used it to put a Timmy hat on her head, and dye her hair brown. She got blue contacts, and let her hair down. She got her braces off temporarily, and got the same clothes as Timmy. When Timmy saw her, he fell for her. Trixie was devastated. Now Timmy was infatuated with Tootie, no matter what. But when Remy came up with black and purple hair, the same clothes as Trixie (except for the bottoms, which were white shorts), blue eyes, and mascara, Trixie fell for him. TBC

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