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[[Category:Episodes from Season 2]]
[[Category:Episodes from Season 2]]

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Series Name
Season 2, Episode 22
Air date March 3, 2011
Written by User: BabyPoof93
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Crocker Baby Is the 22nd Episode of Season 2 and is the first time Crocker is turned into a baby!

After a long, bad day at school because of Mr. Crocker, Timmy decides to give Crocker a taste of his own medicine! By asking Cosmo to do a BIG favor, Cosmo does as he's told and transforms Crocker into a baby! Crocker has a funny feeling inside him, he starts to shrink, and he gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until he is turned into a baby! This wish works, but comes out with unexpected results, CROCKER IS TOO CUTE! He wore a red striped shirt with a diaper and a little pacifier in his mouth with two little hairs on his head. Then Wanda floats down to him and starts tickling baby Crocker. Not wanting to lose his Fairies, Timmy tells Wanda to stop, but Wanda explains to Timmy that babies' brains are to small to rememember anything at all, so it does not matter if he sees them, because he does not know what they are yet! But theres one BIG problem; Crocker is so cute, even Poof and Cosmo can't resist it, like Crocker had hypnotized them with his adorableness and put them in his spell! But when Timmy tries to pull them apart, they would not barge! Timmy realized what was happening now, Crocker DID know what fairies were, and now Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof were under his spell! Now Timmy must do something before baby Denzal takes over the world!

Crocker as a baby.

Crocker Baby


Summary: Timmy wishes for Crocker to be a baby, and well, just read. :)

Timmy was sick of his bad day at school. Nothing was going right at all. Nothing. Crocker would just make it worst by teasing him and everything. "Grr. Who does Mr. Crocker think he is anyway? Teasing me like that?" Timmy yelled angrily to Cosmo and Wanda. "You know what? I wish he was a baby so I could tease him and stuff!" Timmy wished very stupidly. "Now Timmy, you might want to choose your wishes carefully-" Wanda said but she was interrupted by Cosmo. "Done!!!" Cosmo said as he waved his wand. Crocker started to grow tinier. Soon he was a baby, he only wore a red stripped shirt, a diaper and he had a pacifier in his mouth. He still had glasses though and he had two little hairs. Timmy looked at the baby. "Aww he's so adorable." Wanda said as she turned into fairy form and played with Crocker. "What are you doing Wanda??" Timmy yelled not wanting to lose his fairies. "It's ok Timmy. Babies don't remember things that well and plus he doesn't know what a fairy is anyway." Wanda said as she played with Crocker more. "Who’s the cutest little boy in the world? You are. Yes you are!! You with your diaper and your cute little binky!!!!" Wanda said as baby Denzel cooed. "HEY!! I'm right over here!!" Cosmo yelled. "And not in a diaper with a cute little binky!!" Wanda said as she paid even more attention to Denzel. Timmy rolled his eyes. "Man, this is the dumbest wish I ever made!!" Timmy said as Wanda looked at him. "Are you kidding? This is your best wish ever!! Look how cute he is!!!" Wanda said as she kissed Denzel on the head. "Oh, Come on!" Said Timmy. "Is everyone in this room a freak?!" Denzal started to cry. "Oh, Great! NOW what?" Yelled Timmy. Denzal pointed to his mouth and fussed. "is somebody hungry?" Says Wanda in a very Hypnotized-Voice. "Ughhh, Fine. I wish I had a warm bottle of milk for Crocker." Says Timmy in a unconcerned tone. Wanda then poofs up one of Poof's baby bottles and gives it to Timmy. Timmy then picks up a fussy Crocker and sits down on the floor and stuffs the bottle into Crocker's mouth. Denzal then squints his eyes contently and squirms in Timmy's arms as he gulps down the warm milk. "Guys, I hope this isn't pasterized milk, cause..." Says Timmy as Crocker then spits up on him. "...Crocker is allergic to pasterized milk." Says Timmy as his face is covered in spit-up (Not puke). Timmy then sets Crocker down on the floor where he crawls over to his desk which to Crocker looks and feels like Mt. Everest. Crocker starts to whine as he desperately tries to climb onto the chair. Poof then goes over and pushes Denzal up, then floats back to his parents like he'd done nothing at all. Crocker then giggles as he pushes all the F papers off his desk and grabs one peice and starts to scribble on it with a pen. Timmy watches Crocker go nuts with the pen, then, Crocker starts to cry once more. "Oh, Great! What now?!" Asks Timmy angerily."I don't know, but it sure does stink really badly in here!" Said Cosmo. Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy look at each other and say, "EEWWWWWW!" They all look over to see the diaper completely full, and Denzal crying even louder. "Wanda, you’re the woman around here, you change him! Or, I can just wish it clean, right?" Said Timmy as he plugged his nose. "Sorry Sport," Wanda says, making Da Rules appear. "It says here we cannot wish diapers clean, we must change them by hand!" "Grreeeeeaaaat," Says Timmy, Picking up Crocker. "Since he's my teacher, *Sighs* I'll do it." "YAY TIMMY!" Says Cosmo and Wanda together. "While he’s changing Crocker's diaper, let's do the same with Poof, Okay?" Says Wanda. "Uhhhh, BYE!" Says Cosmo and poofs himself somewhere else. "Cosmo? Cosmo? ...NOT FUNNY!" Yells Wanda over Poof crying with a full diaper on him.

In meanwhile...In the bathroom...With Crocker and Timmy....

"Ugh, Ok. Let's get you cleaned up. (Mumbles)" Crocker giggles. "A!" "Whoa, you’re giving me an A for changing your diaper? Awesome! I should change you more often! Do you like being a baby?" Says/Asks Timmy. (Crocker nods) "Okay, (Timmy puts on surgical gloves and a breathing mask) Let's do this!" Says Timmy.

Meanwhile, With Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof....

"Oh, I hope Timmy's doing okay with changing Crocker's diaper...” Says Wanda. "Timmy is fine!" Says Cosmo. "What could possibly go wrong? Wait...I'm mistaken, Timmy's 'sposed to say that...."

(Commercial, Ad, Commercial, Ad, Commercial, Ad, and another Commercial later....)

"Okay, You're all done!" Says Timmy as he finishes changing Crocker. Denzal giggles. "A+! *Giggle*" Says Crocker. "Cool! Another A! And it's a plus this time!" Says Timmy. As soon as Timmy brings baby Denzal out of the bathroom, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof's eyes glue to baby Denzal's face. "What is wrong with you guys today?! All I wished for was Crocker to be a baby so I could tease him, But we’ve been babysitting him instead! Let's just undo the wish or take 'em back home to his mother! This is still the most pathetic wish I've ever made! Come on, Chop-Chop! Let's hurry this up now!" Orders Timmy angrily. Still, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof's eyes glue to Crocker's face even closer. Timmy waves his hands in front of their faces and tries to snap them out of it, But they don't move. "HELLO! I'm talking to you! Needy Godchild in need!" Yells Timmy. Still no movement. "This is getting really weird, First Wanda, Then Cosmo, Now Poof? I really wanna know what's goin' on here!" Timmy said as he watches in horror as his Godfamily floats ever closer to Crocker as he babbles in his baby talk. "Is he giving them a message or what?!" Says Timmy to himself. "Wait a minute...I know what's going on now! He's hypnotizing them! Crocker DOES know what a fairy is! And now that he's got mine..." Timmy says as he then screams in horror and runs in circles over and over. "Goo-Goo, Gaa-Ga, Timmy Turner!" Says Baby Denzal as he commands Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof (In his baby talk that they can now understand), to be his new servants and to destroy Timmy! Now with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof under his spell, Crocker decides to get his ultimate revenge on Timmy Turner ONCE AND FOR ALL! Timmy watches his Godfamily come at him like drooling, mindless zombies ready to devour him! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAGGGGHHHHH!!! COSMO! WANDA! POOF! DON'T DO THIS! I'M YOUR GODCHILD AND I LOVE YOU! *Cries*" Screams Timmy as he backs into the corner of the room. Suddenly, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof stop; they suddenly turn back to normal and retreat to the corner of the room where Timmy was. They apologize to him and Timmy forgives them, and he apologizes to them for making a silly wish, and they hug him, but they then realize they had won the battle, but not the war! Denzal starts firing a fairy capturing device (A powerful steel Butterfly Net) he'd built the week before, as the family huddles together hoping to make it, Timmy then realizes Crocker's weaknesses! "Hey, wait, Guys! I got a plan!" Says Timmy. "Well, what is it? Make it quick! Crocker's ready to fire!" Says Wanda as she backs closer into the wall with Poof in her arms. "Since Crocker is a baby, he has baby weaknesses!" Says Timmy. Timmy then snatches the net out of Baby Denzal's hands and destroys it by stomping on it until it was reduced to an Anti-matter atom. Denzal's eyes then started to water, and then he starts to cry. "Awww, Does somebody need a nappy-wappy?" Coos Wanda in a tone Denzal would understand. "Let's go sweepy-weepy into beddy-weddy!" Coos Cosmo in a tone Denzal would understand as well. "Poof, Poof, Poofy, Poof-Poof?" Says Poof in a tone/accent Denzal would understand too. While Crocker fights and fusses in Wanda's arms, Timmy wishes for a baby cradle for Crocker to sleep in. Then Cosmo poofs up a yellow rocking cradle and Wanda gently sets him down in it. Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, and Poof all together sing a lullaby to Crocker so he'd fall asleep so Timmy could wish everything back to normal. "Rock-a-Bye, baby, on the treetop..." Sings Timmy. "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are...” Sings Wanda. "Lullaby, and Goodnight, and there are more words I'm not sure of...” Sings Cosmo. "Poof, Poof-Poof, Poof-Poofy Poof Poof, Poof Poof Poof Poof...Poof.Poof..." Sings Poof. As soon as Poof finishes his song, Baby Denzal is fast asleep with a binky in his mouth, sucking contently and dreaming about world domination. "Ok, Now that Crocker's asleep, I Wish--" Says Timmy as he's cut off by Wanda saying "SSHHHHHHHSSH!" "Oh, ok. I wish that Crocker was an adult again and everything was back to normal! Quietly!" Cosmo, Wanda, And Poof raise their wands and a big flash spreads throughout the schoolroom (All the students had already gone home long before the wish was made). Then, Crocker is transformed into an adult again and he'd forgotten that he was turned into a baby. Then, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poof themselves into Timmy's school stuff. "What's This?" Asks adult Denzal as he wakes up and sees himself in a shirt, diaper, and a pacifier in his mouth. "Me in a diaper, Baby cradle, and wearing one of my old baby shirts with a pacifier in my mouth? This can only be the work of...FAIRY GODPARENTS!!!" Says Crocker as he runs out of the school (Everyone who is still there starts to laugh and make fun of him) and hops in his "Unsuspecting Van" and drives home as quick as possible. "Well guys, We did it again. I made a wish that could have ruined our lives, but, we once again, did it again." Says Timmy to his Godfamily. "Except you forgot one thing...WE'RE STILL ZOMBIES!!!!" Says Cosmo. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!" Screams Timmy. "Just kidding! We really are back to normal! Ha-ha! I totally fooled you!" Laughs Cosmo. "Wanda, Do your stuff." Says Timmy as he winks at Wanda. Then she winks back. "Huh?" Asks Cosmo. Wanda then turns Cosmo into a rocket and shoots him up into space. "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! I've learned my lesson nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Yells Cosmo as he shoots up into space. "I think we've got everything diapered now!" Jokes Timmy. Then He, Wanda, and Poof laugh and the episode ends with Crocker still dressed in his baby outfit saying, "FAIRY GODPARENTS!"


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