Crocker: Okay. When Timmy gets kicked out of the house, I'll look around for him and find the magic. If I find the magic, then fairies exsist!
Vicky: Bad twerp!
(Timmy gets kicked out of the window)
Crocker: Good, now...
(Timmy accidentally pushes Crocker)
Crocker: Ahhhh!!!!
Timmy: Yes! Open window!
(Timmy goes inside window and pushes the airbag button)
Timmy: At least I had a comfy landing.
Crocker: Ahhhh!!!!
(Falls face-first on the road)
Crocker: Oh, poopy!
(Car runs over him)
(Scene goes to the hospital)
Dolores-Day Crocker: Oh, little monster, are you okay?
Crocker: Yes, I'm fine mother.
Dolores-Day Crocker: Good!

Crocker: [on TV] Welcome to Croc Talk!
(Everyone pauses)
(Everyone stares at TV)
Mr. Turner: Can we watch it please?
Timmy: My crazy old nitpicker Crocker? He's a--
Mrs. Turner: Sure! I want to check this out myself!
Timmy: Oh well.

Vicky: What will I do now nurse?
Nurse: I talked this over with Crocker, you should get a TV show too!
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