Crocker on TV: Okay croc, come in.

(Croc doesn't walk)

Crocker on TV: Okay, I want to interview you, now come in.

(Croc doesn't walk)

Crocker on TV: Come in, you green-headed platypus butt styrofoam face!

(Croc gets angry and charges after Crocker)

Crocker on TV: Aaahhh!!! Time for a commercial break!

(press ENTER on remote before Crocker says "We need a commercial break, there is too much crocs here!!!!" it will send you to a menu, choose the last scene, disguising itself as a banned episode.)

Nurse: You were working for Crocker!? That gets your bill up five more dollars!

Vicky: Five dollars? Why five more?

Nurse: Crocker's a nutjob!

(Both start laughing)

(Screen fades black)

(The End! For part 1)

Press this when the first the end screen shows up: Up Up Down Down Left Right, Left Right A B on keyboard.

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