• Archer - This episode is similar to the Archer episode "Drift Problem". Both episodes involve heroes getting a car with souped up equipment and having it stolen by someone, as it happened with Sterling Archer's Dodge Challenger and Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia's Stuttgarter. Unlike in Archer, however, the heroes get the car back.
  • Jay Leno's Garage - When the Crimson Chin sees the supers drive off in the Stuttgarter, he says that if he did a TV show on rare and expensive cars before becoming a superhero, the Stuttgarter would be a good addition to his collection, a reference to the TV show and YouTube series Jay Leno's Garage, where Jay Leno, the Crimson Chin's voice actor, showcases various rare cars.
  • Danny Phantom - When Cleft was in prison, he formed a temporary alliance with the Crimson Chin's enemies to help defeat Zinc Stomach, similar to Danny Phantom joining forced with his enemies in the episode, Prisoners of Love.
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