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(Ivan and his parents park to the driveway of their home; the Prestonovichs get out of the car)
Ivan: Hey, mom, next time we travel, think you can show me how to fill up the gas?
Mrs. Prestonovich: Sure, I'll even let you drive.
Ivan: (excited) Really?
Mrs. Prestonovich: Yeah, when you're 16.
Ivan: Funny, mom.
Mrs. Prestonovich: I mean it, сынок (son), the day I can trust you to drive wherever you want is the day you get a full-fledged licence.
Ivan: (sigh) Ладно (Okay). (walks to his room)
(Ivan close the door to his room when he noticed Timmy and Timantha was in his room which gave him a jump scare; Timmy, Timantha and their fairies wave hello)
Ivan: You know, there is such a thing about entering a house normally.
Timmy: Not when you have magical fairies! So, are you ready?
Ivan: For what?
Timantha: The latest issue of the Crimson Chin comics!
(everyone takes a peak at the comic)
Wanda: Wow! Look at the sparking cleanliness of that bank. Though I wish I could say the same with your room, Ivan. Horrid spider-webs, molded ice-cream cones, disgusting yellow and blue dust bunnies...
Neptunia: Hey! (turns to normal along with Astronov) We resent that!
Timantha: Uh, why are you two disguised as dust bunnies?
Astronov: This is the best we could conceal ourselves with what little magic we have until our new wands are delivered.
Cosmo: At least you weren't face-cake.
Timmy: Anyway, back to the comics. (eyes wide open) Oh, no! No, no, no, no!
Poof: What is it?
Timmy: I've been framed!
All: What?!
Astronov: But, who in the comics would want to frame you?... I mean, Cleft?... I mean,... you know.
Cosmo: Let's see, (raise his wand and poof up a magic swirl showing the villains one-by-one as he names them out loud) who would be the best villain to frame Cleft? The Nega-Chin, the Bronze Kneecap, Spatula Woman, Country Boy, Gilded Arches, the Golden Gut, Iron Lung, (everyone makes a deadpan look as Cosmo is still going on) the Copper Cranium, the Brass Knuckles, the Titanium Toenail, H2Olga...
Wanda: Okay, Cosmo, we get it. But, I don't think none of those villains are involved.
Cosmo: Not even Mike and Craig, the evil living building and trash can?
Timmy: No, this is a totally different villain.
(camera shows a close look at the new villain but in a shadow figure)
Timmy: But I can't I.D. the man.
Neptunia: Or woman.
Timmy: This call for some investigation. I wish we all in our superhero forms and were in Chincinnati!

(everyone appear in Chincinnati with their superhero costumes on)
General: Any clue as to what happens in this issue, Timmy?
Cleft: No idea, this is a new comic. But we need to think of a plan to clear my name.
Assistant Neptunia: I'm sure we have plenty of time. It's not like everyone in town is quickly going to see you as a criminal and chase you out of town.
Female Citizen: It's that thieving criminal, Cleft!
Male Citizen: Chase him out of town!
(the citizens chase after Cleft and the others; the supers hide in an ally and see the citizens believing their still chasing Cleft)
Puppy Poof: What are we going to do?
Announcer: Without hesitation, Cleft and the general's sidekicks use their magic to turn them back to regular form from the real world.
General: What are you mean by that, Mr. Announcer?
Announcer: They're looking for Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, not his alter-ego. Duh!
Cleft: Hmmm... good point. I wish we were back to our normal selves!
(the fairies raise their wands to turn them back to normal;NORMAL POOF!)
(Timmy, Timantha and Ivan walk out of the ally; the mob ran right toward Timmy and the others tired)
Male Citizen #2: Who would've thought chasing a has-been superhero would wore you down? (sees Timmy) Wait! That hair, and those big blue eyes, and that huge buck-teeth.
Timmy: (sweating) Uhh...
Female Citizen: (pulls out a wanted sign of Cleft) Have you seen Cleft the Boy Chin Blunder?
Timantha: He went that way!
(the mob believing Timantha's lie ran to where she was pointing)
(the fairies come out in plain sight)
Wanda: That was a close one.
Astronov: So, what now?
Timmy: Well, the first order of business is to find the Chin, who I can assume is at the Daily Blabbity.
Ivan: He must be at the top of the building. We'll never get there on foot with a crowd of paranoid citizens looking for you... eh, Cleft.
Timmy: Yeah, or (camera zooms out) we could just go to the next panel. (hop on the next panel)
(everyone else jumped onto the next panel and follow Timmy)
Ivan: Or that... can be arranged.
Announcer: In desperate need of assistance, Timmy and his friends make their way to the top of the workplace of Charles Hampton Indigo, aka, famed superhero himself, the Crimson Chin!
Neptunia: Say, how come you always give out cryptic advice on how to save the comic world, but never physically help out on the problem?
Announcer: Hey, I'm just an announcer, not a miracle worker.

(Timmy, Ivan and Timantha open the door to Charles' office; Charles was working awfully fast on paperwork with Beverly Boulevard observing)
Beverly: I must say, Charles, I am impressed of your working progress. You're like a super typing 120 words a minute.
Charles: Super? Me? Not in a million years, Beverly.
(door knocks)
Beverly: I got it!
(Beverly opens the door revealing Timmy, Ivan and Timantha)
Beverly: Sorry, kids, visiting times aren't until weekends.
Timantha: We just need to have a word with Mr. Indigo.
Charles: Timmy! I've been told in the nick of time you'd be here.
Beverly: You know these children, Charles?
Charles: Uh, yeah... (hesitating) they... are...
Timmy: I'm Timmy and this is Timantha. We're... uh... Charles Indigo's regular chin sized nephew and niece.
(Beverly makes a questionable look)
Timantha: Twice removed.
Ivan: And I'm their best friend.
Beverly: Why Charles, I had know idea what a family man you are. (place her left elbow on Charles' right shoulder) I find that attractive in a man.
Charles: (flirt) There are lots of things you don't know about me.
(Timmy, Ivan and Timantha stick their tongues out making a gag look towards each other)
Timmy: Wait, you said that you've been told that we'd be here, right?
Charles: Of course. (moves aside) A fellow super told me.
(Remy Buxaplenty in a new super outfit)
Timmy: (quietly) Remy Buxaplenty? Uhh... excuse us. (shoves Remy) We would like to ask this famed super kid for an autograph. (close the door) What are you doing here, Buxaplenty? Come back to play Cleft cosplay again? Wait a minute, are you the one who framed me?!
Remy: No, no, no! Relax, Turner! The imposter Cleft that you knew is no more. Now I am (background appear with his name) Vault, the Rich Chin Wonder!
Timantha: Vault, huh? Well, I'm relieved to hear that you didn't frame Timmy. I'm guessing your powers include manipulating the bad guys with money which I can assume is in your utility chin?
Vault: All that and more. And just like you, Cleft, I too have a sidekick who does a little butt kicking for me if I'm in need of assistance. (pulls out Juandissimo as a dollar) Isn't that right, Juandissimo? Or should I say...
(Juandissimo in magic aurora form swirls around until he reveals his new superhero identity)
Juandissimo: The Masked Musketeer! (strike a pose while Spanish music plays showing his name behind him)
Astronov: (twitching angrily) Ma... Ma... Ma...
Musketeer: I have (poof up a dummy behind him) keen ears when our foes are on approach. (stealth kick the dummy) The speed of a cheetah (runs around quickly and back), and superhuman strength, which is relevant of my own frame as a non super, but you get the point.
Ivan: What brings you here?
Vault: I came to lend a helping hand. You in your super form has been framed, right?
Timmy: Yeah. There's a new super villain on the ropes and we're trying to figure out who it is.
Vault: (pulls out a picture of the Super Villain) His name is Zinc Stomach. He has the power to digest anything from food to metal, and fire it out of the tube at the top of his suit. He was once a professional chef who turned mad after his termination from his job after nearly poisoning the customers.
Musketeer: Now he's taking it out on Cleft and framing him for his recent crimes.
Wanda: That's terrible!
Cosmo: Yeah, Timmy would never make something that doesn't look like poison but taste like it at the same time. This guy should take cooking lessons from Timmy's mom reversing his technique.
Ivan: (looks at Zinc's profile) Ha! Says here he's often played for by everyone by his name. Even the villains agree with that.
Vault: I wouldn't underestimate him. He may look like a laughing stock by his name, but he's really dangerous. He'll stop at nothing to get everyone who laughed at him their attention. (pulls out his copy of the comic) And it says here that he's currently hiding out in his abandoned restaurant.
Neptunia: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's all just make our way there and kick his butt.
Timmy: I don't think it's that simple, Neptunia. It says here that his hideout is heavily secured. Not even our own superpowers can outfox his wits.
Poof: So, what's the plan?
Timmy: He wants attention, right? Well, we're going to give him the attention he deserves.
(everyone huddles up)
Timmy: Here's what we're going to do.

(Timmy, Timantha, Ivan and their fairies in their super form in Charles' office)
Charles: So, the Zinc Stomach is back with a vengeance, eh? And if he think he wants to frame my sidekick for his crimes, he'd better think twice!
Cleft: Which is why I got the perfect plan. (whistles)
(Beverly shows up with a German sports car)
Beverly: With some help from my mechanics, I converted my car into a crime-fighting car specifically designed for average superheroes with no superpowers.
General Ivan: Wow, built-in scanners, gadget vendor, boxing gloves. Now this is a car!
Car: You may call me Stuttgarter.
Cleftina: And it talks!
Stuttgarter: I am equipped with the latest and capable skills to help you out on the road. My most useful trait is my cloaking device with which will allow me to hide my true form and disguise myself as another vehicle, like a truck, a luxury sedan or a police car, anything you want.
Beverly: But be careful, one dent on this poor thing can malfunction its cloaking mechanism.
Captain: We'll keep that in mind.
(the supers hop on Stuttgarter)
General: Think I can drive you sometime?
Stuttgarter: Sure, when you're 16.
Beverly: Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia, I hope you'll enjoy the car. And please, look after it.
Assistant: Let's ride!
(Assistant Neptunia drives Stuttgarter)
Charles: If I did a TV show on rare and expensive cars, the Stuttgarter would be a good addition to my collection.

(Stuttgarter was spinning in circles until he was safely parked between two cars)
Stuttgarter: Next time you decide to drive, please don't put Assistant Neptunia behind the wheel.
Captain: (eyes spinning) Noted.
Clefto: (teeth chattering) Are you sure about going in... there?
(Chincinnati prison; lightning crackles with the thunder clouds floating above the prison)
Cleft: I'm sure of it, Clefto. It's all part of the plan.
Ace: (as Cleft makes his way inside) Be careful, sport.
(Cleft kicks the front door open; the cops saw Cleft and surrounded him; Cleft bend down on his knees and promptly surrenders)
Cleft: Okay, you got me, coppers. I'll go without a fight.
Announcer: (as Cleft takes his mugshot and was being taken to the prison backyard) If Zinc Stomach needs to be stopped, Cleft, as part of his plan to turn himself in would need the help of some... unlikely allies.
(inside the backyard, Cleft encounters the Crimson Chin's foes)
Bronze Kneecap: So, the so called famous sidekick decided to greet us in person of his very first crime. Gather around everyone, let's give the kid a little play time.
(Cleft gulps)

(back outside where General Ivan and the others are still with Stuttgarter in the parking lot)
General: I sure hope Timmy knows what he's doing.
Assistant: Yeah, otherwise, those inmates will give him no mercy. No pressure though.
(the prison backyard; the Bronze Kneecap, Country Boy, Iron Lung, Copper Cranium, Brass Knuckles, Gilded Arches, Titanium Toenail and Golden Gut walk toward Cleft)
Brass Knuckles: We all got a score to settle with you.
Iron Lung: Yeah, taking you down here in prison is going to be a real blowout.
Titanium Toenail: Just stick to the fighting, Iron Lung. Leave the comedy to the professionals.
(Cleft backs up until he slip on a pile of water; the water rise revealing to be H2Olga and stood right next to Spatula Woman)
Spatula Woman: Aw, gee Olga, you gave little Cleftie a boo boo slipping on water.
Gilded Arches: He's going to get a lot worse when we all get a piece of him.
(the villains surround Cleft)
Copper Cranium: I'm going to enjoy this. (bend down) Batter up!
(Copper springs his large helmet on Cleft but he missed as Cleft makes a high jump and it hits the Golden Gut barely phasing him as it reflects back on Copper)
Golden Gut: Hey, watch it! I just had the warden polish my gut earlier this morning!
Country Boy: Now he's done gone gonna get it!
Bronze Kneecap: Let's get him, boys!
Spatula Woman and H2Olga: (tapping their feet) Ahem!
Bronze Kneecap: Oh, sorry. And the ladies too.
H2Olga: Better. (points at Cleft) Make him pay!
(the villains slowly walk towards Cleft)
Cleft: Wait! I'm not the enemy here.
(the villains were confused)
Cleft: Sure, C.C. and I kicked your butts countless of times, but we didn't technically lock you up here.
Country Boy: Can't argue with that.
Gilded Arches: You're just lucky our anger today was meant taken out by that good for nothing crook, Zinc Stomach. If he haven't framed us for his crimes we all wouldn't be here by now!
Spatula Woman: Yeah, and hate me for saying this, but I prefer to have the Chin and Chin Jr here to put me here than that wannabe loser.
Cleft: Wait. Were all of you framed by the same bad guy?
Villains: Yes.
Golden Gut: He framed me for stealing all the pancakes mix in the Chincinnati Bistro. That place had the most tastiest pancakes in town, it makes you feel like you're already full. And yes, (look down at his gut) I am aware if the irony.
H2Olga: He once filled up half the city with water framing me and afterward having the nerve to ask me out.
Brass Knuckles: And I suppose you have a good reason why you're here, kid.
Cleft: Well, you all might laugh at me for asking this, but I'm going to need your help to take down Zinc.
(a few seconds of silence and the villains laugh)
Cleft: Hey, I'm serious. And in case you forgotten, (take off his mask) I'm a kid from the real world outside this comic book and I can tear this issue into pieces with you all in it.
Iron Lung: Wow, seeing it on his point of view, that actually sounds kinda dark.
Cleft: If we all work together, we can bust out of here. And once we're done with Zinc Stomach, you can all feel free to go back to kicking my butt whenever you feel like it.
Bronze Kneecap: Hmmm... The old "enemy of my enemy is my friend" speech. Okay, you got a deal.
(scene cuts to Cleft and the super villains gather around as Cleft make drawings on the sand diverting a plan to break out of prison)
Announcer: With the help of the most dastardly criminals of Chincinnati, Cleft converted a plan to make his way out of prison to in order to clear his good name.
(Cleft gives out signals to the villains and they separated sticking their parts of the escape; two guards were blocking the walls until Spatula Woman pulls out her leg and reveals herself, waving hello and attracting them; while the guards were distracted, Gilded Arches and Brass Knuckles knocked them out; everyone opens the door, which leads to a tunnel)
Announcer: Without hesitation, (Cleft and the villains crawled inside the tunnel) Cleft and the villains must crawl their way to freedom through five hundred yards of foulness that I can't even imagine.
(everyone made it out of the tunnel and they raise their arms enjoying the freedom as it was raining, until it stopped for a few seconds and the sun quickly rised up)
Cleft: Well, that was anti-climactic.

Cleftina: You know, I thought your escape would be a little longer.
Captain: Well, no matter, we must find Zinc Stomach and put a stop to his plans!
General: Luckily, our car has a cloaking device, so we'll disguise it as a prison truck, put you all in and be on our...(there's an empty space where Stuttgarter used to be parked) way?
Cleft: Hey, where did Stuttgarter go?
Assistant: Maybe he turned invisible? (walks up to where Stuttgarter was parked, attempts to touch where the car was parked, but ends up falling on the ground) Hmm, I didn't know invisibility meant that you can't touch the car.
Ace: Stuttgarter's gone!
General: Well, can't I just wish to have the car back?
(Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia raise their wands; raspberry)
Cleft: Oh, that's just great! Any minute now, the cops are gonna notice we've escaped, we don't have a getaway car, and we can't even wish it back!
Clefto: It's a good thing Beverly Boulevard isn't here to see this.
Bronze Kneecap: Wait! I have a getaway car of my own. (points to a weird luxury sedan)
General: Mind if we take it?
Bronze Kneecap: Yes, I do mind. You're too young to drive, anyway!
(Clefto and Ace bite the Bronze Kneecap in the legs, making him yell; Cleft, Cleftina, Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia beat him up; Puppy Poof snatches the car keys from his kneecap)
General: Who said I'd be driving?
Captain: (taking the car keys) Good work, Puppy Poof. We'll take the car
Titanium Toenail: (as Assistant Neptunia gets into the Bronze Kneecap's car, sitting beside Captain Astronov, who's behind the wheel) Wait, you're just gonna leave us to be arrested?
Iron Lung: Your plan was good until you sucked the fun out.
Copper Cranium: (to Iron Lung) Shut up!
Cleftina: No, we're not gonna get you arrested...for now, at least.
Cleft: Besides, most of you guys can get around without using a car just fine. We're just borrowing Kneecap's car, because, you know, Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia have no superpowers, and all.
General: Yeah, but that's not a superpower.
Assistant: We promise that we'll leave (seductively) a special surprise for you boys.
Spatula Woman: Hey, I thought seducing men was my gig!

(Zinc's Stomachs fortress)
Vault: Well, here we are.
(the villains arrive)
General: Hey, look!
(camera points to Stuttgater strapped in ropes)
Cleft: (unties Stuttgarter) Stuttgarter! Thank goodness you're alright! What happened?
Stuttgarter: When you all weren't looking while waiting for Cleft to bust of of jail, Zinc's minions car-napped me!
Ace: Wow, they must have been awfully silent.
Stuttgarter: You need to think of a fast plan to stop him before--
(a camera monitor opens up from the roof of the fortress and Zinc Stomach is at the monitor)
Zinc: (slowly clapping) Well, well, Boy Chin Wonder, aren't you a tough costumer.
Cleft: Really? A slow clap?
Cleftina: That's a pretty typical bad guy cliché, dude.
Zinc: Not as much as superheroes always being triumphant over super villains.
Cleft: Touché.
Zinc: You see Cleft, you're not as smart as you think you are.
Clefto: (to Ace) He should see his grades.
Zinc: I wanted you to find me. I knew that framing you would get your attention and lure you fools into my trap so we could meet.
Golden Gut: But why did you frame all of us super villains as well? You're a bad guy just like us.
Zinc: Because you all constantly make fun of me of my name! I mean, what about you, Titanium Toenail? I assume you must have always bite your fingernails when you were a kid.
Titanium: At least my name doesn't sound like I want to throw up over and over.
Brass: Zinc Stomach!
(Gilded Arches makes a gag noise)
Copper: (snickers) Do it again.
Brass: Zinc Stomach!
(Gilded Arches makes a gag noise agian)
Brass: (as Gilded Arches gags) Zinc Stomach, Zinc Stomach, Zinc Stomach!
(everyone laughs)
Zinc: (unamused) Okay, I've heard enough.
(Zinc stomach press a red button releasing a trap door underneath everyone sending the heroes and the villains inside the building)
(Zinc's minions surrounded everyone; Vault, Cleft, Cleftina, General and their sidekicks took out several of them)
Vault: Nice moves.
Cleft: You're not too bad yourself.
Masked Musketeer: (standing next to Astronov) Si. We actually make a pretty good team.
Captain: Speak for yourself.
Zinc: Let's kick it up a notch. (press a button releasing more of his minions) Bam!
(dozens of Zincs minions surrounded everyone again)
Iron Lung: This is gonna be fun.
Bronze Kneecap: Let's get em!
(everyone make a high jump and dives down onto Zinc's minions)
(H2Olga turns into a big wave and with a fist and pounds the minions;CRIME WAVE!; Cleft pulls a shoe out of his utility cleft and boots a minion standing in front of him when he's not looking and as he was flying through the air, Cleftina pulls out a fly swatter and hits the minion flying towards her;THWACK!; Gilden Arches stomps on the ground;STOMP! causing the wood on the floor to launch two minions above having their heads stuck above the ceiling; Iron Lung blows one minion towards the Brass Knuckles and he sucker punched the minion;TKO!; Clefto, Ace, Puppy Poof, Captain Astronov, Assistant Neptunia and the Masked Musketeer pull up their wands at the same time to form up a giant dirty basket and dropped the dirty laundry on the minions)
Ace: A dirty basket?
Clefto: I was expecting a giant mallet.
Assistant: Hey, it's the best we got with what little magic Astronov and I have.
Captain: We had to disguise ourselves as dust bunnies earlier this morning, remember?
(back to the fight as Spatula blows four kiss marks at a minion; three of them hit his face and he went though a love trance; General Ivan pops up and punch him;KA-POW!; the fourth and last kiss mark accidentally hits Ivan and as he slowly open his eyes the camera in Ivan's point of view during love trance show Spatula Woman looking at him smiling)
Spatula Woman: (slightly blurry background with hearts surrounding her while snazzy jazz music plays) Oh, General, you're my favorite super. Duck.
General: (while in the trance with his mouth drooling) Duck, my love? What do you mean by that?
Spatula Woman: (as the trance quickly wears off when the hearts poof away as the blurry background turns normal and the jazz music makes a record scratching noise) Duck, you fool! Duck!
(a minion behind him tries to hit Ivan with a giant spoon but he quickly ducks)
Spatula Woman: Giant utensils are (pulls up her spatula) my shtick, pal.
(all the minions were defeated)
Zinc: (sigh) Well if you want someone you hate destroyed right, (gets up out of his chair) you gotta do it yourself. (pulls out a sandwich and eats it)
Cleft: Ha. What's he gonna do? Spit the crusts all over my face?
Vault: Didn't you remember what I told you about his power?
Cleft: Sorry, short attention span.
(Zinc finishes chewing the sandwich and fires it out of the tube in his suit looking like metal as it charges to Cleft nearly crushing him)
Cleft: Okay, now it's coming back to me.
Zinc: Now, (pulls out a food launcher) tell me what type of food you want me to throw as you? Go ahead. Pick your poison. And I mean that literally.
Cleft: You're not the only one with a trick up your sleeve!
(Cleft pulls out a trick box with a sleeved punching glove and Zinc fires his food gun launching an apple hitting the glove making the glove dissolve as well as Cleft's utility chin)
Cleft: Oh no, I'm unarmed!
Zinc: And un-allied too. (pulls a lever making a stained glass separate Cleft with the others leaving him alone) All too easy. Now, any last words (charge his weapon) before this cinnamon pretzel permanently sends you to a hospital?
(camera moves to the right revealing the Crimson Chin and Stuttgater dropping out of the cloak and the Chin winks at Cleft)
Cleft: Uh, yeah. You ever heard of a... (pretends to sneeze) a... ka-chin!
Zinc: That's the weirdest sneeze I ever heard.
Crimson Chin: I believe what he said was... (knock Zinc out with his chin)
Crimson Chin: Ka-chin.
Cleft: Thanks for the last minute help, Crimson Chin. How did you get past Zinc Stomach's fortress anyway?
Crimson Chin: With the help of Stuttgarter's cloaking device, I took the liberty of uninstalling the security around here undetected. You've done a tremendous job of clearing your name Cleft. Now everything in Chincinatti is at peace again.
Cleft: Well, almost.

(The Chin uses his super strength to carry Stuttgarter who is carrying the villains as well as Zinc Stomach inside a giant net)
Cleftina: A deal's a deal. You bad guys played your part and now the deed is done.
General: (to Spatula Woman) And just to let you know, Spatula Woman...
Spatula Woman: Yeah, yeah. It was all part of the trance. I've heard that speech before. Besides, you're too young for me anyway, kid. (seductively) But call me when you get a driver's license.
General: (shudders) (to Astronov) Okay, release them.
(Captain Astronov press the button releasing the villains out of the net dropping them back to jail)
Zinc: (gets up) This isn't over, heroes! You can't keep a great evil villain down! I'll be back!
H2Olga: Great evil villain, eh?
(the other villains behind H2Olga stand up and walk towards Zinc)
Zinc: Now, fellas. We're all bad guys here.
Bronze Kneecap: Maybe so, but even we have limits into double crossing others. Also, you ruined my car.
Zinc: (sweating) Yeah, but... come on. Your antics of villainy. That's like bad guy 101, right? Uh... (to H2Olga) Say Olga, did I ever tell you how gorgeous you are?
(scene shows the outside of the prison as punching noise was heard as the villains beat up Zinc Stomach offscreen; the Chin carries the Stuttgarter to a garage, the supers get out of the car as the Chin locks the garage)

(Cleft and the other supers were standing in place next to the Chincinatti mayor and Beverly while the crowd cheers for Cleft)
Announcer: With his name cleared, Cleft was rewarded by many citizens around town declaring their apology to the sidekick for falsely accusing him for crimes he didn't commit.
Crimson Chin: Congratulations, Cleft. You've proven once again that big things come in small packages.
Cleft: All in a day's work.
General: So, what's next for Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder?
Cleft: Nothing more for Cleft. His job is done, for now at least. I believe it's time I go back to being regular Timmy Turner for a while.
(everyone in their normal form poof back to the real world in Ivan's room)
Poof: What a day.
Timantha: Yeah, we get to travel to the comic book world again, meet a new villain and drive a super car!
Timmy: Let's not forget, (to Remy) the Chin now has gotten a new sidekick on the team.
Remy: Really? You mean it?
Timmy: Absolutely, you've been a big help Remy, and the least I can do is add you to my super kids team.
Remy: Why thank you, old bean! That means a lot.
Timmy: And there's one bonus business to make.
Ivan: What's that?
(Timmy whispers to Cosmo and Wanda; they raise their wands;POOF)
Ivan: A virtual reality helmet?
Timmy: Put it on. It's a surprise.
(Ivan puts the helmet on his head and inside the reality he was General Ivan driving Stuttgarter all by himself)
VR Stuttgarter: You are the best driver ever, General Ivan.
General: I'm actually driving!
Ivan: (outside reality) Wa-hoo!
Timmy: Live the dream Ivan, live the dream.
(screen fades to black)
(ending title card)

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