This song is very similar to the Icky Vicky song.



The sound of his name makes the little kids barf

(Chip): Hey Crocker you're so so crazy

But when you twitch and scream and shout it just doesn't phase me

Hey Crocker won't you go see a doctor

So that I can feel safe in coming out of my locker

(Kids): Oh oh oh

(Chip): His class is worse than death

He shouts 'til we all go deaf

And he'll devastate your grades with his HOT FRESH Fs!

(Kids): Ew!

(Chip): Hey Crocker won't you tell the truth

(Kids & Chip): How'd we ever get the bad luck to be taught by you

(Chip): Oh Crocker can we say one thing

(Kids & Chip): It's your super total craziness that makes us wanna sing.

(Chip): Crazy Crocker

(Kids): Ew! Ew!

(Chip): Crazy Crocker

(Kids): Ew! Ew!

(Kids & Chip): Crazy Crocker

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