Crash Nebula R.I.P./Quotes

(The Turner's House)
(musical action movie montage plays as hands were seen putting things in place in Timmy's room; Timmy kicks his door open, walks in between his friends and sits on his chair)
Timmy: Three gallon bags of popcorn?
Rose: (as she and the others pull up their own popcorn) Check.
Timmy: Real D 3-D glasses?
Ivan: (as he and the others minus Tootie put on their 3-D glasses) Check.
(the fairies in disguise put on their 3-D glasses as well)
Timmy: Extreme vibration chairs?
Chester: (as he as the others turn on the vibration in their chairs) Chheeeck. (turns off the vibrating chairs)
Timmy: It's 9:30 p.m. Which means it's time for... (turns on the T.V.)
Choir: ♪Crash Nebula, Crash Nebula...♪
Timmy: Get ready for another spine tingling season of Crash Nebula, guys!
(static appears on the T.V., followed by a cancelled sign on the Crash Nebula logo)
Announcer: We regret to inform you that Crash Nebula has been permanently cancelled.
Kids and fairies: Cancelled?!?
Timmy, Ivan, Chester, A.J., Elmer and Sanjay: NOOOOOO!!!!
(Timmy passes out and the screen goes black)
(screen fades to Timmy who is still unconscious; Tootie wakes him up with a kiss on his cheek)
Timmy: (pulls his head up) I can't believe more Crash Nebula. And this is how the show ends after ten seasons?!
A.J.: Well, Timmy, the show had some budget cuts in the middle of its last season. The staff was recently fired, and they ended the show without a proper finale, making it a cliffhanger.
Ivan: So much for all this popcorn, 3-D glasses and vibration chairs...
Timmy: If there's one thing I hate on the same level as evil babysitters, crazy teachers and viscous bullies, it's cliffhangers!
Timantha: Well, big brother, what do you suppose we do about it?
Timmy: We go to the Channel 7 News station tomorrow and ask them very calmly if they could do something about the cancellation of Crash Nebula.
Chester: Or we could write a sternly-worded letter to the network that produced Crash Nebula...

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