season 1-August 4,2012-TBA

  • Who,s Your Boyfriend?-August 4,2012-Sprig and Ving Fight Over Ani. Note: This is the Official Pilot of the series.
  • When Nebulas Attack-August 23,2012-The Nebula suit Turns Evil and Attacks the Class.
  • Turkeys in Love-September 11,2012-Sprig,s Friend Falls in Love.
  • Queen Galaxandra-October 9,2012-Princess Galaxandra Becomes Queen.
  • The Girl who went to Space School-October 27,2012-Sprout Gets a Scholarship to The Celestrial Academy.
  • Ving,s Brother-December 2,2012-Ving,s Older Brother Comes to School. His Name is Zing and Soon He,s Stealing all of Sprig,s Personality!
  • It,s a Speevak Christmas!-December 25,2012-Sprig Celebrates Christmas at The Celestrial Academy. Note: This is the First One Hour Episode of the Series.
  • A Minus-January 7,2013-Sprig Gets his First Class Exam.
  • The Dark Side-January 31,2013-Sprig Joins the Dark Side.
  • Worm Holed,Part 1-February 16,2013-Sprig accidentally Sends the School hurtling towards a worm Hole.
  • Worm Holed,Part 2-February 16,2013-The School gets Trapped in a Worm Hole and Sprig Must Rescue Everyone.
  • The Galaxandrians 9-February 28,2013-Queen Galaxandra Forms a Spaceball League Team and Sprig is One of the students to Get to Be a Player.
                                   TO BE CONTINUED...
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