(Timmy, Ivan, Chloe and their fairies discovering the truth of who caused Crocker to lose his fairies again)
Ivan: So, how did you expose Crocker's fairies, Timmy? I know you said that you've completely messed up, but I'd like to see what happened.
Wanda: Well, let the flashback explain. (poofs up a projector and screen showing a flashback of how Crocker lost his fairies)
70's Crocker: When I was four, oh, how I've wanted a pony.
70's Cosmo: Pony? Who wants a pony, when you can have everything you want because I'm...
Past Timmy: NOOOOOOOOO!!! (runs up and pushes Crocker and Cosmo off the stairs; 70's adults gasp; Wanda poofs up next to the ON/OFF switch and pulls it from ON to OFF; the microphones switch off)
70's Cosmo: Hey, is this thing on?
70's Crocker: You again! Who are you and how do you keep finding me?
Past Timmy: With this genetic tracking device. It can find anyone anywhere.
70's Crocker: Wow, that's astounding!
Past Timmy: But it doesn't matter! You have to go home, your secret is in great danger! Trust me, I'm from the future, I know what happens today. If you're not careful, this'll be the day when everybody realizes that you have (echoes) fairy godparents!
70's Cosmo: (chirps) A fairy? That's absurd! If I was a fairy, (turns from a bird to his real form) I'd look like this!
(a sign saying "I'm a Fairy Godparent" appears above 70's Cosmo, and everyone from the 70's gasps)
Ivan: So that's how it happened.
Chloe: I recall seeing something turn on the microphones. Can you please rewind?
Wanda: Of course.
(Wanda uses her wand to rewind the footage, showing Cosmo from the past)
Past Cosmo: (poofs up next to the ON/OFF switch) Resist urge to be dumb. Hey, what's this do? (pulls the switch from OFF to ON; Timmy, Ivan and Chloe gasp)
Timmy: Wait a minute! Me accidentally revealing Crocker's fairies wasn't all my fault, it was Cosmo's fault too!
Wanda: So, the truth comes out.
Astronov: Cosmo, what were you thinking?
Neptunia: Were you even thinking at all? I mean, even I wouldn't do something that stupid.
Cosmo: Sorry, I just couldn't resist pulling that switch.
Wanda: Timmy and I specifically told you not to do anything stupid!
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