In this episode of "Girl and Her Genie", Tootie wishes she was a famous singer. She gets her wish, and decides to drag Timmy, Charlotte, AJ, Veronica, Chester and yes even Remy and Trixie, along with her.


Continuity and Errors

  • Even though Charlotte previously appeared in "Tootie's in Love", THIS is her first official appearance.
  • Error: Charlotte's bow is missing right before "Ms. Insania" starts.
  • Tiffany, aka Nega-Tootie, is mentioned in "Ms. Insania".
  • This is Tara Strong's third role as an extra on the show, after voicing Nicky in "A Swingin G.E.N.I.E." then singing "Opposite of Me" with Tootie in "Nega-Tootie".


  • "Cutie Face" is a parody of "Kissing U" by Miranda Cosgrove
  • "Ms. Insania" is a spoof of "Macademia Nuts" from Animaniacs, which in turn spoofed the Macarena.
  • Kim, the Goth girl who wants to join Tootie's band, sounds like Gaz from Invader ZIM and resembles Shareena from Detention.
  • Tootie's manager looks and sounds similar to Princess Melody's human self from The Little Mermaid 2.
  • Tootie's outfit resembles The Jackson 5.
  • During the end credits, the South Park version of "Poker Face", performed by Eric Cartman, can be faintly heard. 

Theme Song Images

Tootie blowing a kiss to the camera during "Cutie Face" ("Concert"), Timmy appearing from the lamp ("A Swingin G.E.N.I.E."), Tiffany telling Tootie who she is ("Nega-Tootie"), Tootie's fourth-wall gag from "Nega-Tootie", Mermaid Tootie singing ("The Little Mermaid"), Tootie singing "Opposite of Me" ("Nega-Tootie")


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