Compuhouse 5000
Gender: Female (voice)
Species: Robot
Personal Information
  Automated house
  Timmy Turner
Daran and Nataliya Turner (formerly)
Timantha Turner (formerly)
Mr. Crocker
Daran and Nataliya Turner
Timantha Turner
Cosmo, Wanda and Poof
Ivan, Chloe, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "The Not-Smart House"
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

The Compuhouse 5000 (also referred to as the Compuhouse) is a fully-automated house produced by the "Compuhouse" company. It's also a minor villain in The All New Fairly OddParents! that temporarily occupied the Turner's House.


The Compuhouse can either be built into a house from the ground up or installed into an existing house as a conversion job. A house with the Compuhouse installed has a high-tech, futuristic look: all of the doors are automated and red camera lenses resembling eyes can be found everywhere. In general, the whole interior of the house is a robot. The house can speak (although it's unclear where the voice comes from) and move things around by itself, with the aid of robot arms that are equipped with all kinds of tools and can appear from anywhere.


The Compuhouse can perform at least the following tasks (it's possible that it has additional abilities for different situations):

  • General household chores, including cleaning (the main selling point for the house is that if you buy it, you'll never have to do housework again).
  • Butler / Valet: Opening and closing doors, pouring drinks, giving backrubs, preparing baths and opening the drapes in the morning.
  • Babysitter: Looking after the kids, preparing the bed and saying goodnight to them.
  • Chef: Cooking, serving food, and doing the after-meal washing up. The ends of the dining room table lift up and streams of water spray the dishes and the table, washing any debris down a garbage disposal. The Compuhouse can even set up flowers on the table, so it looks nice between meals.
  • Social interaction: Because the Compuhouse is equipped with artificial intelligence, it can be a pretty good conversationalist depending on which voice option is used. The available voice options include "Standard" (a mechanical-sounding voice), "Little Girl" (with a voice that sounds similar to Tootie and Veronica) and "Beautiful Woman" (with a voice that sounds similar to Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was preferred by Timmy)

Central processor

The Compuhouse CPU is a sealed cabinet with a large number of circuit boards that contain its intelligence and vocal capabilities. In addition to being connected to a house and controlling it, the CPU can also be disconnected from a house and simply plugged into a power outlet. In separated mode, the CPU doesn't run a house, but still has its intelligence and conversational ability. It is also equipped with one robotic arm and hand; at least two camera-lens "eyes"; and a self-destruct button.

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