"Chloe Carmichael, any normal person would give up now, but you are not normal!"
— Chloe Carmichael
Chloe Mother Teresa Neil Armstrong Carmichael

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Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10 (11 as of "The Godchildish Birthday")
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Light blue
Personal Information
  Carmichael Family
Prestonovich Family (future;after being married to Ivan)
Veternarian (future)
Squirrelly Chloe
Chloe Killjoy
Brain Hilda
Chloe Wrongmichael
Blond One
Celly Callerson
  Ivan Prestonovich (boyfriend)
Timmy, Timantha, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof
Chester and A.J.
Trixie Tang
Mark Chang
Charlotte, Missy and Kristina
Kevin Crocker
Foop (formerly)
Denzel Crocker
Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda and Foop
Sparky (formerly)
Anti-Neptunia, Anti-Astronov and Anti-Sunny
Love Interests:
  Ivan Prestonovich
Timmy Turner (alternate universe)
Fairy Godparents:
Astronov (godfather)
Neptunia (godmother)
Cosmo (godfather; formerly;temporarily)
Wanda (godmother; formerly;temporarily)
Fairy Godsiblings:
Sunny (godsister)
Poof (godbrother; formerly; temporarily)
Clark Carmichael (father)
Connie Carmichael (mother)
Gregory Prestonovich (future son)
Jessica Prestonovich (future daughter-in-law)
Hadwin Prestonovich (future father-in-law)
Xenia Prestonovich (future mother-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  A Taste of Fakery (photo)
Un-Turnerly Demise (in person cameo)
A Chloe-tastic Adventure (official appearance)
Voiced by:
Kari Wahlgren

Chloe Carmichael (full name Chloe Mother Teresa Neil Armstrong Carmichael) is one of the main characters in The All New Fairly OddParents!, starting from her main appearance in "A Chloe-tastic Adventure" onwards. She's also minor character in the spinoff The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan, and a major adult character in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation.


Much like the canon version of her, Chloe is over-achieving and enthusiastic, although not as much after being in Maine with her parents Clark and Connie Carmichael due to a conference of their jobs. She was born on the same day as Timmy and his twin sister, Timantha. After her return to Dimmsdale, she has been informed that she and Timmy don't have to share Cosmo, Wanda and Poof anymore. Although, she's also been told that she is going to share her new fairies Astronov and Neptunia with her new boyfriend, Ivan Prestonovich. She likes to help out others as well as herself. Chloe is a good friend of Timantha, Tootie, Trixie, Charlotte, Missy, Kristina, Rose and later Veronica. Chloe has a fear of quitting (to the point where she is even against the word being used), as whenever she hears the word "quit" or anyone saying it, she goes berserk and treats "quit" like a swear word.


Chloe has blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a yellow and white sleeveless dress, with black leggings and purple sandals, along with a purple bow with her hair. She also has a noticeable gap in her teeth. Her voice is slightly lower than in the main show.

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