Chins, Squirrels and Anti-Fairies/Quotes

(The Turner's House; Timantha was heard sneezing a lot; scene cuts to inside Timantha's bedroom showing Timantha in her bed, who appears to be sick)
Timmy: (open the door) How are you feeling, sis?
Timantha: (sniff) Never better. Ah-ah-ah-CHOO!
Ivan: (as he and Chloe pops up on-screen) Great, we thought you could use some company and read some Crimson Chin comics with us.
Timantha: Fine by me. I got nothing else to do but to wait until this fever goes away. (she sneezes and snot flies onto her shirt) Ugh!
Timmy: (as he opens the pages of the comic and gives Timantha a tissue) Here we go, issue #72, "Expect the Unexpected and Chin-provise"! A classic issue. (looks over the pages and spotted something) Wait, something's not right here.
(fairies appear)
Cosmo: You mean peeling a banana from the top? That's almost never right. You should always peel it from the bottom, (tries to peel it from the bottom of his banana) that way it won't be mushy and crumbled.
Timmy: I meant that something's not right with this Crimson Chin issue. Look. (pull out the page showing something different) I've never seen these super villains before.
Chloe: Chemo-Clown? Melt Woman? Little Boss?
Ivan: Mystika? Pollution Gal? The Swindler?
Sunny: There's something familiar about these guys.
Wanda: (snaps her finger) I think I know. (poofs up a magic pencil and draws on the comic)
Timmy: What are you doing, Wanda?
Wanda: Showing who they really are. (continues erasing and drawing) We rearrange the hair a little, take off the masks and you get...
All: (gasp) The Anti-Fairies!
Neptunia: What are they doing inside the comics?
Astronov: Knowing them, they're up to no good.
Ivan: Who knows what they might do to the Chin?
Timmy: That's up to us, Ivan. We need to let those Anti-Fairies know they shouldn't interfere with comics! Let's do this thing!
(everyone minus Cosmo poofs inside the comic book; SUPER POOF!; Cosmo thinks of what Timmy said)
Cosmo: Oh, that thing.
(Cosmo poofs inside the comic; ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER)
Timantha: Good... eh-ah-choo! ...luck.

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