Chester McDaredevil/Quotes

(The Turner's House)
(Channel 7 News Breaking News)
Ivette Ubetcha: Ivette Ubetcha here with some breaking news. (footage shows a crowd of criminals arrested) Major robberies have occurred all over Downtown Dimmsdale. Yet, thankfully, their plan to steal every recipe in every restaurant in town would have been successful if one of Dimmsdale's most industrious police officer (photo of Chester) Chester McBadbat hadn't gone undercover and (camera zooms out showing the T.V. at Veronica's den) managed to assist every cop in town to capture the crooks.
(Chad watching through the window waiting for Chester's arrival)
Chad: Here he comes!
Veronica: Places, everyone!
(the family friends and neighbors hide with the lights out; Chester opens the door)
Chester: Hey, what happened to the lights? I hope that gang of cutting the internet wires hasn't broken out of jail again.
All: (lights on) Surprise!
Veronica: There's the man of the house!
(Chester catches Veronica who jumps on him and kisses him)
Chester: Well, this sure is a surprise.
Ivan: We just saw you on T.V.
Chloe: (holds a cake) And we thought we wanted to congratulate you!
Chester: A cake with my face on it. I always dreamed that day would come eventually. I-- Eaugh! Is that raisin cake?
Veronica: It's chocolate chip, hon.
Chester: (puts Veronica down) Even better! (takes a bite out of his cake) Thanks a lot everyone. This means a lot.
Timmy: Hey, you've tried hard to help make the town a better place, pal. The least we could do is support and thank you for all you've done.
Tootie: And without your undercover work, I can't even imagine what would happen if those robbers stole every restaurant recipe in town.
Tad: We'll never know as long as this cop continues to do his duty.
(to the fairies in disguise; Cosmo snickers after hearing Tad say "duty")
Wanda: That's not what he meant, Cosmo, and you should know that by now.
Cosmo: I know that, but the way how he said it. Doesn't that make you want to see funny videos online?
Wanda: Mmm... kinda.
(back to Chester and the others)
Timmy: (pulls up a toast) Here's to Officer McBadbat!
Everyone: (pulls up a toast) Officer McBadbat!

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