The All New Fairly OddParents!

Season 1

Fairly Odd Comrade
Fairly Odd Comrade Chester's first appearance in the fan-made series. He along with A.J. introduced themselves to Timmy's new friend, Ivan Prestonovich.
The Stories of Dimmsdale
The Stories of Dimmsdale After Ivan made a wish into observing other people's personalities and lives, they went to Dimmsdale Elementary and met up with Chester asking him about his own point of view in life. As he explains, Ivan viewed his life as he talks inaudibly.
A Taste of Fakery
A Taste of Fakery Chester along with Timmy, his fairies, A.J. and Tootie introduce Ivan to Mark Chang and later on helped defeat Princess Mandie and prevent her from destroying the Earth after Ivan was exposed while he was disguised as Mark.
Anthology of Terror
Anthology of Terror Chester and the others tell each other ghost stories on Halloween.
A Waste of Potential
A Waste of Potential Chester and friends were at Ivan's house watching a rejected pilot of The Modifyers.
It's a Vickyful Life
It's a Vickyful Life Chester appears in an alternate life when Timmy made a wish that Vicky was never born.
Ingenious Valentine
Ingenious Valentine Chester helps A.J. into making him tell the truth to his new girlfriend, Charlotte of who he really is.
The Old Wisheroo
The Old Wisheroo Chester was one of the victims of Timmy and Ivan's wish for mind-switching top hats.
Channel Overwish
Channel Overwish Chester briefly appears during the a new and bad looking Dimmsdale after Timmy and Ivan wish themselves into the world of television, leaving Vicky into taking over the world leading to a bad future where Chester's future self alongside a future A.J., Timmy and Tootie travel to the past preventing all of this from happening.
Icky Lover
Icky Lover Chester only appears in Tootie's dream as he and his friends object to Timmy's marriage with Vicky and a moment later the Anti-Fairies sent him, A.J., Charlotte and Trixie away.
Fairly Odd Pretty News
Fairly Odd Pretty News Chester and friends were hired into being news cast members after Timmy and Ivan's wish editing the news. But, things got bad when Trixie's gossip went over her head.
Timmy on Ice
Timmy on Ice Chester become Timmy and Ivan's team members after they were rejected by the popular kids to join their team. The two teams later compete and Timmy and Ivan's team wins.
Super Mayhem
Super Mayhem Chester in his superhero alter-ego Matter Muncher Lad helps Cleft defeat the Nega-Chin and restore the Crimson Chin's powers.
Winners Don't Use Magic
Winners Don't Use Magic Chester along with Timmy, Ivan, their fairies and A.J. were poofed into a video game themed Dimmsdale and compete to race against video game version of their friends and enemies.
The Platinum Spears
The Platinum Spears Chester alongside Timmy and A.J. was brought along with Ivan after he became a musician thanks to Britney Btritney. Later on, the three were dumped by Ivan when he let fame and fortune was getting the best of him. When Ivan came to his senses, he apologizes to his friends and the four did a musical number at Mr. Bickles' class.
Betty and Veronica
Betty and Veronica Chester helps Veronica get into shape to compete against her twin cousin, Betty Star. Chester had no lines.
Nut-i-er Business
Nut-i-er Business Chester along with the other Squirrely Scouts made a bet with the Cream Puffs into finding the rabid red-headed squirrel. Little did they know, it was Neptunia who was surrounded by her phobia of standing in the middle of the forest and turned rabid.
One Crock After Another
One Crock After Another The kids were taking a field trip to the zoo. Chester had no lines.
Car Unwash
Car Unwash He and A.J. helped cleaning cars for Trixie and Timantha's car wash to stop the endangerment of beavers. Chester had no lines.
The End of Dimmsdale
The End of Dimmsdale Chester and friends help Timmy into traveling to the 2nd Dimension where he meets his counterpart, where he and his friends are rebels against their Turbo Thunder. He and A.J. had a conversation with Veronica revealing that they knew of her secret crush on Timmy and promise to keep it a secret.

The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan

Season 1

When There's a Wand, There's a Way
150px Taking place near the end of The End of Dimmsdale, Chester and his friends were running from the Turbo-bots and later helped Sally Amber, Stan and the other kids and godparents to take them out while Timmy and Turbo Thunder battle 2.D. Turbo.

Season 2

School Swap in Session!
150px Chester introduce himself to Sally as she and Timmy switch schools for the day to see which is better. He along with the other kids at Dimmsdale Elementary congratulate her into exposing Mr. Crocker stealing the class movie and trying to frame her. This is Chester's first and only speaking role in the spin-off was well as his last appearance.
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