(after meeting A.J.) "If you're trying to say butt, you're doing a poor job of it if you are willing to kick mine. I know a hundred and sixteen forms of martial arts and believe me, you don't want to put a finger in my hand."
(to Timmy) "And you must be someone who can take back some beaver's teeth you are borrowing."
"Really? Well, I don't want to brag but... (talks really fast) and that's why I have an I.Q. of a hundred and eighty."
"A.J., I don't care if anyone's lab is as good as mine. It's you that I care about."
"Yeah, I've always looking forward to have someone with bright intelligence and a lab of his own."
"This just in, a few days ago, musical pop diva, Britney Britney has been taken to custody, due to her cause of hyperactive tantrum syndrome. After questioning, Britney took out the guards and escaped. Her current whereabouts are still unknown, but rest assured, hopefully she and her new nose will find a better career at the time. We now go live to Chester McBadbat and Tootie with the weather report."
"We should definitely thank Mark Chang for letting us borrow his fake-i-fiers."
(to 2.D. A.J.) "Don't worry. Wherever she is, she'll be fine. After all, she is me and she probably knows karate as well as I do."
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