"You actually thought someone like me could be friends with dorks like you? Pathetic."
— Charlie betraying Tommy, Greg and Marty
Charles "Charlie" Amber
Charlie Amber image
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 12
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Orange
Personal Information
School Bully
Karate Student
Interpretive Dancer
  Potato Head
  Greg, Jessie, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny
Tommy, Tammy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof
C.J. and D.J.
Otto Buxaplenty
Marty and Mitzie Mulligan
Juandissimo and Blonda
Amanda Martin
Tony, Anne and Alice
Tom Martin
Heidi Larsman
Max, Stan and Eliza
Carolyn Crocker
Love Interests:
  Maria Martin
Fairy Godparents:
Nats (anti-godfather; formerly)
Anti-Eliza (anti-godmother formerly)
Alyssa Armstrong-Amber (mother)
Harry Amber (father)
Rebecca Amber (paternal grandmother)
Stuart Amber (paternal grandfather)
Kyle Armstrong (maternal grandfather)
Sharon Armstrong (maternal grandmother)
Carolyn Crocker (adoptive "sister")
Sally Amber (aunt)
Mary Amber (aunt)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Skylark Family Tour (mentioned)
New Friend, Old Enemy (actual)
Last Appearance:
  "Wishes Come Undone"
Voiced by:
Nancy Cartwright

Charles "Charlie" Amber is a minor villain in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. He is Alyssa's and Harry Amber's future son and is a school bully, similar to Francis 20 years ago. He's also a karate student at Francis' Chain Belt Dojo.



Charlie has orange mohawk hair and wears a green shirt with dark red ripped pants and grey sneakers. His voice is similar to Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons.


Although physically tough, Charlie is not always mentally tough. Despite seeming a vicious and sadistic bully, Charlie has a sensitive side, and he really likes interpretive dancing. Unlike Francis, he does not hit girls and would never bully them, as Charlie has standards compared to his teacher. The cause of Charlie's behavior is low self-esteem, brought on by having a poor relationship with his parents. Because of that, Nats and Anti-Eliza were assigned to be Charlie's anti-godparents. Nats and Anti-Eliza wanted Charlie to be their anti-godchild because they cared for him and saw that he had poor relationship with his parents. Another reason why Nats and Anti-Eliza were chosen to be Charlie's anti-fairy godparents was because they know Charlie's mother, Alyssa, as Nats was once a friend of hers. Charlie is also a troublemaker.

Charlie has a small crush on Amanda Martin's older sister, Maria, even though she does not have feelings for him.

Charlie sees Francis (and later on Vicky) as his real parents rather than Harry and Alyssa. Because of this, Charlie has developed a high-self esteem because of his excellent friendship with Vicky and seeing her as a superior mother figure than Alyssa and Francis trying to teach and encourage Charlie to be a better than him and avoid his mistakes as a bully, such as dealing with the godkids. Charlie is shown to admire and praised the sadism of both Francis and Vicky and when Francis tells the story of his time when he took over Dimmsdale Elementary and ruled it with an iron fist, he admired and praised them for their actions and wants to do the same thing in his school. With the help of his anti-godparents, Charlie could do it as well. Despite that, it is shown that he refuses to be adopted by either of them because he is cautious that he doesn't trust them to be parents and it's too late to be adopted by either of them.

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