A list of characters that appear in The Tommy and Tammy Show! No characters who first appeared in The Fairly OddParents! will be included. Nor will any characters from other shows or any character versions of real people be included.

Character name Voice actor/actress First appearance Description
Todd Turner E.G. Daily "Making the Show" Tommy and Tammy's baby brother. He is currently at a daycare center formerly run by Vicky and now run by Tara.
Sarah Jones/"S.J." Cree Summer "Making the Show" Possibly an Expy of the typical character type Cree Summer usually plays. One of Tammy's best friends. AJ and Charlotte's daughter.
Jessica McBadbat Grey Griffin "Making the Show" The Stacy to Tammy's Candace. Chester and Veronica's daughter, who ironically is good at baseball unlike her father. She holds the key to Tommy's heart.
Otto Buxaplenty Dee Bradley Baker "Making the Show" Every show needs a British kid right? He's Remy and Trixie's son, but given how nice he is especially to his girlfriend Tammy, are we SURE he's not actually Richie Rich's son? Don't bring his parents into arguments, though!
Cashlin Buxaplenty Dionne Quan "Making the Show" A spoiled, bratty, self-entitled Daddy's Little Princess. She's Remy and Trixie's daughter, and clearly SHE got all the mean genes, and trying to look as good as her mom. The closest this show has to a main villain, since Vicky is hardly present and any other villains are just one-shots.
The Conrad and Sally look-alikes Kath Soucie (Both, in Season 1), Alyson Stoner (Sally lookalike, Season 3 onward), Matt Stone (Conrad lookalike, Season 3 onward) "Making the Show" Two kids who resemble Conrad and Sally from "The Cat in the Hat". They appeared in Tommy and Tammy's commercial. It is possible these kids may actually be real, since they are later seen in random scenes all over Dimmsdale, with an upcoming Season 3 episode involving them helping Tammy campaign for Student Body President. Their names are revealed in said episode as Blake and Blythe, sharing a similar alliteration theme with Jack and Jill.
Billy Burner Tara Strong (pre-reveal), Curtis Armstrong (post-reveal) "Fairly OddProgram" The former star of a TV Show that was so similar to The Fairly OddParents! that it's almost as if he was meant to be an Expy of Timmy Turner. Sure seems this way when Tommy and Tammy befriend him. Until they find out he's more like Dan from Dan Vs. only eviller and is planning to cancel their show and turn them and their friends into cast members on the revival of his own show.
Darth Crocker Carlos Alazraqui "Star Turners" Tommy and Tammy's teacher Mr. Crocker as a Star Wars character in place of Darth Maul.
Greg Carbunkle Candi Milo "Robot Children" One of the two Android Children who defend the town. Jenny Wakeman's son who might sound familiar to any Astro Boy fans.
Juniper Carbunkle Lara Jill Miller "Robot Children" One of the two Android Children who defend the town. Jenny Wakeman's daughter who sounds like she was on a show about fighting monsters.
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