What is Character Exaggeration?

Character Exaggeration is when certain aspects of a character are taken and made more extreme for the sake of a joke or plot of an episode. it is sometimes called "Flanderization" although that term usually refers to a change that is made over time and then used constantly, rather than a one time thing that is later disregarded. The most extreme versions of characters who fall to this trope typically find this version of them written into fanon, especially if the fan is seeking to undermine these characters or has not seen enough episodes to have a proper understanding of how this character normally acts.

Examples of Flanderization

  • Cosmo is said to have become gradually dumber and more annoying, and his voice more high pitched and prone to unnecessary screaming. He is also much meaner to Wanda.
  • Vicky's character was made more evil over time, until it went from her being fearful and obedient to her parents, to her not only striking fear in the hearts of them, but a powerful alien warrioress as well.
  • Timmy's parents become increasingly neglectful, in some cases outright oblivious to Timmy, with each passing season.

Examples of Character Exaggeration

  • In some episodes, Vicky is even more evil and willing to try to murder Timmy or cause him serious physical harm.
  • Timmy's intelligence in some episodes borders on mental retardation, especially in his performance at school, despite that he constantly outwits his enemies which are even more stupid than him, including his own teacher.
  • Cosmo or Wanda have extramarital thoughts about other characters, sometimes in front of plain sight of their spouse.
  • Trixie's crazy attitude in a couple of episodes is said to be a result of bad writing, to the point where her fans consider these episodes non-canon.
  • Other minor characters who do not appear much, such as Tootie, Veronica, Tad and Chad, Juandissmo, Cupid, and Sanjay, are sometimes exaggerated either because the writer is not familiar with the character enough to properly fit them in the plot, or because the writer wants to summarize the character's personality and status on the show in as little time as possible.
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