"So, you must be the all mighty Power Pals."
"I suppose I'll help you re-gain your youth. Just harmlessly and slowly take a step on the Fountain of Youth and you'll be back to your former selves in to time."
"Yes. I've heard of this so-called Chosen One by the name of Timmy Turner."
"Foolish excuse of super heroes! Did you really think I'd give you a cure and take off scott-free? No, it was a trick only to destroy you."
"Nice try, no power anywhere is a match for a Destruckian. We are invincible!"
(after having his powers used against him) "What?! No! How could this be?!"
"You can have this Chosen One for all I care, he looks seems like child-splay."
(exile) "Unbelievable. A bunch of weak superheroes has defeated me. ME! (realizes he's still holding his staff) Yet, I still have the staff in my side and is still far more powerful than any creature in the universe. Oh, Power Pals, even in success, you have failed. And your failure is just the start of your demise. I will have my revenge on you all, and as a bonus, I will find this Timmy Turner and show him who's really chosen in life. There will be carnage on his precious planet and they will all see that Lord Chaos is a force to be reckon with!" (dastardly evil laugh)
(arrival to Earth) "At last, my main target."
(to the kid's parents) (hearty laugh) "You all are as neglectful as I've been told. Don't you see? The "weirdness" around your town is magic from your children!"
"Such oblivious, insignificant parents you all are. All of your suspicions from time to time and you can't even figure out that your own children has fairy godparents!"
(meeting Timmy for the first time) Well, well, we finally meet at last. This day just keeps getting better and better."
(casts a spell on his staff) "In this day, they've trained from their past, but this latest hour will be their last, the spell I cast will bring them much damage, come on out from my staff (echo) AND UNLEASH GLORIOUS CARNAGE!!"
(nearly about to destroy Timmy) "This is the end of your story! Goodbye, Chosen One."
(gets sucked inside his own staff after his defeat;tries to get a grip) "What!? No! It can't be! NO!! I HAVE THE POWER!! AAUGH!!" (gets sucked inside his staff; the staff's power quickly fades away; a fiery tree branch falls on the staff and destroys it with Chaos trapped inside)
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