"This is the end of your story! Goodbye, Chosen One."
— Chaos to Timmy Turner
Lord Chaos
Lord Chaos image
Gender: Male
Species: Destruckian/Devil
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner
The Wishing Ten
The Power Pals
Turbo Thunder
Jorgen Von Strangle
  To conquer the universe and destroy the Chosen One
To get revenge on Jorgen for removing his immortality and his previous defeat a billion years ago
To turn Earth into New Destruksyon
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Power Pals Return"
Last Appearance:
  "Lord Chaos Wars"
Voiced by:
Tim Curry

Lord Chaos is a minor villain of The All New Fairly OddParents!. He is the former ruler of Planet Destruksion and the leader of the Dark Legion.



A very relentless foe who shows no mercy and cause destruction on whatever he attempts to conquer. After meeting The Power Pals who crash landed on his home planet and was still in an elderly state, he used his Destrukian powers to re-gain them to their younger form. Little did they know, it was a countdown factor that will destroy them in a matter of hours. Using all of their powers, it was no hope to take down Chaos. Fortunately, there was one chance attempt to stop him, by using his powers against him. After his defeat and before his exile on his home planet, Chaos was forced to give the Power Pals a cure before they were to disappear into dust forever. After the Superheroes was teleported back to Earth in the search for Timmy Turner, Chaos sought revenge against the Power Pals and attempts to destroy Timmy alongside Earth.


Lord Chaos is massively tall, has pink skin, covered with spikes around a few parts of his body, has wings, wears a black devil-like helmet a gold spiky collar around his neck, same colored bracelets with spikes, a chain wrapped around is stomach, has a long red scar on his left eye and holds a giant staff that can conceal any source of power in the universe.


Out of all of Timmy's enemies, Chaos is the most cold-hearted and is more willing to destroy anything and anyone who gets in his way. Before he was overthrown, he was a feared and tyranical ruler of Destruksyon, similar to how Darkseid ruled Apokolips with an iron fist. Like Darkseid, he doesn't take well those on who failed him twice, but unlike Darkseid, he is shown to be a little more forgiving than Darkseid as he will give his subordinate a second chance for their failure. However, if his subordinates failed him twice, he would execute them for their failure.

It is shown that Lord Chaos has a vague but personal history with Jorgen von Strangle because he is responsible for foiling his first invasion of Earth a thousand years ago and removed his immortality, which causes him to lose his eternal youth and make him old.
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