The Field Trip

Miss Powers: I want to start a field trip here, at The Museum of Fairy History!

Poof: Poof, Poof! (Stop bothering me, Foop!)

Foop: Never!

Miss Powers: Pay attention as I explain the exhibits, It's name is Discord, This one is called a Fairyquiniques, It has wings of a Fairy and an Anti Fairy, and it could do lots of stuff!

Foop: I have got to admit this is Lame!

Poof: Poof, Poof (It's history, It's supposed to be lame.)

Discord: *laughs maniacally*

Think but you will fairies, I will be waiting!

Discord's Escape

Miss Powers: Time to go class!

Angel: Discord WAS cool!


Angel: What was that?!

(Class suddenly see Miss Powers as a baby)

Angel: Ugh, not AGAIN!

(Class sees a face on the tree)

Discord: Well, Well, Well, look who we have here, Fairy Babies, I could even list your names!

[Discord snaps]

Angel: What is happening?

At the Turner House

Timmy: I should be getting to sleep.


(sees Cosmo and Wanda as babies)

Oh, Not again!

Why is it raining milk?

Poof: Poof, Poof! (There is some guy called Discord and he's making every fairy into babies!)

Babies Start Getting Younger!

Discord: Well, You babies look like you could use a good regressing! *Laughs Evilly*

Angel: No, No, No, No, No!

Discord: (Turns an ancient hourglass around all of the babies)

Angel (Newborn): Sparkle, Sparkle! (Mommy, Daddy!)

Sparkle, Sparkle? (Who are you people?)

Sparkle, Sparkle? (Where am I?)

Sparkle, Sparkle. (I'm going to find home!)

Junior (Newborn): (Follows Angel)

Poof (Newborn): Poof, Poof! (Shouldn't I be with Timmy?)

Discord Strikes Again!

Discord: (Spins the hourglass on Blonda and Juandissimo, Turns them into babies)

Derpy: I better warn the others, Daddy is out of his mind!

(Derpy sees Poof)

Derpy: I see this Poof, but first, I must make a plan.

(Derpy writes a letter)

Derpy: Hope Poof's parents see this, the letter should regain their memories, now to write like over 9,000 more, on it!

Akward Date

Discord: So, Madame, How do you like this chocolate milk.

Madame Catastrophie: It's fine, I guess.

Discord: I got it from the cotton candy clouds

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