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(the camera lowers down showing Dimmsdale as a war zone; thunder and lightning appears; typing caption pops up in the lower center saying "DIMMSDALE TWENTY YEARS IN THE FUTURE"; droids follow the citizens of Dimmsdale and constantly zaps them from behind; the all ran which made the droids go crazy and destroy everything in its path; the Tang Mansion, Wall 2 Wall-Mart, Dimmadome and more; the camera pulls up showing the ruler of Futuristic Dimmsdale only in her shadow; the camera zooms in on her face revealing to be future Vicky as she smiles seeing the destruction around her; camera points to a fence showing to masked people hiding from behind)
Masked Man: This has gone far enough.
Masked Woman: And to think Vicky was bad enough back in the day. She needs to go down one way or another! I don't care how.
Masked Man: Agreed. (pulls up a device) With the help of A.J.'s scanners, this will be able to help up put an end to Vicky's rein once and for all.
Masked Woman: Any idea what might be the cause of this?
Masked Man: (device makes a dinging noise) Bingo. It says here that a power source twenty years in our time must have caused anomalies, changing reality from our world.
Masked Woman: So, what you're saying is that there is another world from ours?
Masked Man: Fictional worlds, as a matter of fact. Worlds from television shows back in the day. And somehow, (close up to his face) I have a strange feeling of where and when we need to go, and more importantly, who to ask.

(the Turner's House;PRESENT DAY)
(Timmy and Timantha skating around Timmy's bedroom with his floor filled with skating ice)
Cosmo: Boy, do I love skating, it's full of all sorts of tricks, doing the split with your legs, and my favorite, spinning around while saying my favorite word which isn't really a word, but... (spinning and skating while saying) Wheeeee!
(Mr. and Mrs. Turner knocks the door)
Mom and Dad: (heard) Oh, Timmy!
(fairies scream and quickly turns Timmy's room back to normal and they turn into fish before the door was open; Timmy falls on his butt after his room was return to normal)
Dad: Ooh, sitting on the floor doing nothing again, I see? Typical son of ours.
Timantha: Oh no, dad. I was just, uh... helping Timmy do his crunches.
Dad: Well, that's very supporting of you Timantha. His grades have been dropping from his Gym class lately.
Mom: Anyway, Timmy, your friend Ivan is on his way here and we want you kids to behave while your father and I go to the movies.
Timmy: And I suppose you're leaving us here with Vicky, right?
Dad: For someone who gets a lot of Fs, you sure are smart.
Mom: Have fun, you two! (close the door)
(Ivan arrives with Astronov and Neptunia in animal disguises)
Ivan: So, what's the plan for today?
Timmy: Vicky should be here right about... (Vicky slams the door open) now.
Vicky: Ten hut, twerps! (blows a whistle making Timmy, Ivan and Timantha stand up straight; she points at them as they shiver in fear) I'm in a VERY bad mood today! So unless you're all smart, I suggest you'd stay in Timmy's room for the time being. Got it?
(Vicky walks out; Timantha blows a raspberry; Vicky turns her head)
Ivan: Uh, excuse me?
Vicky: Hmm. (slams the door close)
(the fairies turn in their normal form)
Astronov: Who knows what might happen if she was in a good mood.
Timmy: Just the usual stuff, better than seeing her in a bad mood and trust me, you do not want to live that down.
Timantha: Well, if you two need me, I'll be in my room (walks out) not having to hear more about this.
Ivan: I think about not living through the real world anymore.
Timmy: What do you mean?
Ivan: Don't you just want to live through non-real life for a while, like television?
Timmy: Been there, done that.
Wanda: And besides, that nearly got Vicky into taking over the world.
Ivan: Yeah, all because of a magical remote that was taken from you. But, there's no chance of that happening twice, right?
(camera points to binoculars at Timmy)
Timmy: I guess.
(The person holding the binoculars reveals to be the masked man and woman form the future)
Masked Woman: Not if we can help with that.
Timmy: Okay, we'll just go in and out of the TV universe and go right back here.
Poof: (pulls up a TV chart) So, where to first?
Neptunia: How about the Make-up Channel?
(everyone but Neptunia makes a buzzing noise rejecting that choice)
Vicky: (heard) Keep it down up there! I'm watching the Make-up Channel! I'm letting you off with a warning!
Neptunia: Aww, she gets to watch it.
Astronov: How about we just go in order with the chart?
Cosmo: Sounds good to me.
Ivan: Okay.
Wanda: Let's go.
Ivan: We wish we were in the TV universe!
Vicky: (heard) That's your second warning! Don't make me get up there!
(the fairies raise their wands and a portal appears in front of Timmy's TV)
Timmy: Let's go.
(everyone jumps through the portal; lasers cut through Timmy's ceiling; the two masked people pop through the hole and see the portal)
Masked Woman: There it is!
Masked Man: There's still time to fix this. We need to follow those two and prevent them from destroying the future. Come on!
(the two jumped through the portal before it disappears)
(Vicky slams the door open)
Vicky: Alright twerps, I warned you and... (looks around and no one was there) Eh, they're probably hiding in the closet. Why even bother opening the door? (walks out)

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