Caught in a Trap is the first episode of Timmy and the Cockroaches.


Timmy wakes up, refreshed until.... a home full with food mess was discovered. A camera videotape shows the trails of the food caused by three cockroaches Kenny, Welter and Joey. As the trio watches the videotape, Timmy squashes Welter. And he chases after Kenny and Joey. The chase was usuccesful until Timmy was disguised as a chicken. Then Timmy squashes Kenny and Joey. To make it a 1-0 Timmy lead

Timmy locks up the refrigerator door so that the trio can't make more mess anymore. But the cockroaches were able to unlock it. Thanks to Kenny who pours saliva on the padlock which dissolved.

The next day, Timmy wakes up, refreshed again until... the home is full of food mess... AGAIN! Timmy sets up a laser system wherein he tests it with a toy chicken which was blown up.

The cockroaches try to bypass the laser system. Kenny tries to open the door of the fridge, but breaks the knob. Welter and Joey where able to jump to the top of the fridge. Kenny losses his handling and breaks a laser who blew him up. The laser system suddenly goes crazy. Timmy realizes the attack is ongoing. He pushes the button wherein the fridge descends on a lever like an elevator descending.

The laser system shoots all stuff inside. Timmy then shuts down the laser system. Little does he know, a gas leak has occured. Timmy flickers the light on and..................


The entire city was destroyed by a single explosion. A scene shows the city's rubble and cuts to the site of Timmy's house. The cockroaches successfully opens the fridge and the cockroaches win over Timmy but....


We hear a SNAP!! noise which was revealed to be the cockroaches caught in a mouse trap. Timmy sells the trio to a petshop which survived the blast. Timmy victouriously earns money for a helicopter that delivered his new house. As Timmy steps into his new house, A scene of the entire place shows the reconstruction of the entire city and the suburbs as the cartoon closes out.


  • Originally, the explosion scene only destroyed Timmy's house. But due to gas leaks from underground and critical short circuit, not just Timmy's house but the entire city (Including the suburbs) was blown up for realism reasons.
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