• This episode marks the first official appearance of Veronica's father, Matt Star.
    • It's revealed that Matt has replaced Adam West as Catman after he passed away, and Adam West gave Matt permission to use the Cat Cave.
  • Stately West Manor makes a return since it's last appearance in "Go Young, West Man!", and has turned into a museum dedicated to Adam West and Catman after West's passing.
  • At the end of the episode, Neptunia disguises herself as Veronica and almost kisses Ivan, similar to how Cosmo disguised himself as Missy and kissed Timmy in the canon series episode "Finding Emo".


  • Lady and the Tramp - When Ivan asks what's the favorite part of his date with Veronica is going to be, Cosmo guesses it as a nice romantic private dinner in an alley eating spaghetti together. A reference to the classic 1955 American animated romance Walt Disney film, Lady and the Tramp.
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