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Episode No.                                               Name Episode               Day

Fairly Odd New Fish                                      1

12 May 2013
Bird Face                                                        2

18 May 2013

Betta Fish Gone                                              3a                21 May 2013
The OddBird                                                  3b 21 May 2013
Birds Flu                                                         4a 11 June 2013
You And Red                                                   4b 11 June 2013
One Bird Banned                                             5a                    15 June 2013
Mad Mad Fish                                                 5b 15 June 2013
Blue Bird Meet Anti-Blue Bird                       6a 19 June 2013
Foop Go More Fun                                         6b

19 June 2013

Not Like Birds                                              7a TBA
The Top Gallery                                             7b TBA
500 The Lifes                                                8a TBA
The Lost Day                                                8b TBA
Blue Bird Fan                                             9a TBA

Not You                                                       9b

Fairly OddBetta Movie!                            MOVIE 17 March 2014
AJ Neutron                                                   1a TBA
Baby Poof Gone Bird                                     1b TBA
Keep Not Help Fish                                       2a TBA
Schnozomo Vs Red Bird                               2b TBA
Red Noons                                                   3 TBA
Mad Mad Back                                             4a TBA
Tast Of Funny End                                        4b TBA
Just of Poops                                              5a TBA
A New Poof?                                               5b TBA
Mr. Nega                                                     6a TBA
Bomb I                                                        6b TBA
CD Trap                                                      7a TBA
Meet The Red Pigs                                      7b TBA
Betta Fish On Not The Crazy                        8a TBA

Eat The Top Gallerys                                    8b

(The Top Gallery 2)                                   

Duel OddParents                                         9a TBA
Face on Face                                              9b TBA
Anti-Blue Bird MOVIE!                              MOVIE TBA
Betta Fish MOVIE!                                   MOVIE TBA
The Fals Days                                            10a TBA
Mad Mad Fish & Anti-Betta Fish                  10b TBA
Poops                                                        11a  TBA
Not of Eat                                                  11b TBA

Back of Blue Bird Fan                             1a TBA
Bomb II                                                    1b TBA
A Curve Story                                            2 TBA
So Bad To Birds Spaced Out                     3a TBA
The Rat In Spats vs Cat In The Hat            3b TBA
Sail Ship Whale                                       4a TBA
Pigs, Anti-Fairlys & Bombs                       4b TBA
A OddChristmas                                       5a TBA
Pixies Christmas Story                             5b TBA

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