• Carly was named after one of Butch Hartman's daughters. Her middle name, Sophia, is also the name of another one of Butch Hartman's daughters.
  • Carly used to be the name of Veronica in the early draft of "A Wish Too Far!".
  • Carly's casual outfit was based on a drawing from DeviantArt that was deleted.
  • Carly shares the same design as the woman used to distract the guards in the season 4 episode "Parent Hoods", except with a different palette.
  • Carly considers Timmy as a little brother she always wanted to have.
  • When Tootie first met Carly and before Timmy explained how he first met Carly and assured Tootie that he and Carly are not lovers, Tootie thought that she was another one of Timmy's backup girlfriends.
  • Both Carly and David Mulligan hardly looked like they've aged over the next twenty years.
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