At the Dimmsdale Forest, Timmy Attempts to Stay Up all Night from 6 PM to Sunrise to Earn His Night-Owl Badge, but at the same Time, in a Blue Moon, Cosmo and Wanda is forced into a Fairy Tango (and they explain that during a blue moon, it Causes any Fairy Couple to Dance the Tango as They Turn into a Different Animal with each passing Minute and Unable for the Godchild to Wish for anything.) and as Timmy tries to Keep Himself from Going to Sleep, He and Poof (disguised as Timmy's Badge Sash) also has to make sure Neither Cosmo nor Wanda are Seen by other Campers. and while Escaping Badge-Seeking Campers and Hunters, Timmy and the Dancing Cosmo and Wanda (as Platypuses) hide inside a cave, unfortunately, a Bear who was sleeping wakes up and tries to attack Timmy, but thanks to Poof's quick thinking, He turns a rock into a beehive, and coming out of the hive is a thousand bees, which wards away the bear, and allowing Timmy and the others to escape. and while waiting for the Sun to Come up, Timmy and the Fairies (now as hummingbirds) hide in the Treetops, marshes, and other Hiding Places. after the Sun comes up the Fairy Tango Ends, with Cosmo and Wanda as Cats. but cannot return to Fairy Form for one Week. and after Timmy Earns the Night-Owl Badge, for Staying up all Night, He thanks Cosmo and Wanda for giving Timmy an Excuse to Stay Up.


The Animals Cosmo and Wanda become During and After the Fairy Tango is Raccoons, Squirrels, Rats, Turkeys, Penguins, Peafowls, Sea Otters, Platypuses, Goats, Wolves, Trouts, Hummingbirds, Kiwis, Dogs, and lastly, Cats.

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