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{{Template:Infobox character
|name = Cadde
|name = Cadde
|image = [[File:Caddee.jpg]]
|image = Caddee.jpg
|caption = Baby Cadde
|caption = Baby Cadde
|gender = Female
|gender = Female

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Baby Cadde
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Age: 1 (immortal)
Personal Information
  Fairy World
Fairy Godchildren:
Production Information
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle
Cadde (Cah-dee) is Kimmy Conor's fairy godsister, and second fairy baby in thousands of years. She is known to say her name, "Cadde" quite often. Her baby sleeper is a pinkesh-red color, [Insert Color Here] and has a dark, pinkesk-purple strand of hair. Her eye color is also a pinkesh-red color. Cadde is also known to have secret crushes on Poof and Junior, and her best friends are: Poof, Goldie, Lulu, Junior, Rubie (Goldie Goldenglow's baby sister), Larry the leprachaun, Angel, and her magical rattle. But her worst enemys are: Anti-Cadde (Her evil counterpart), Foop, Pentrenellistheniso, and Anti-Cosmo. (She likes Anti-Wanda, though.) Her parents names are [Insert name here] and [Insert name here]. Her favorate hobbys are: Having baby battles with her enemys, playing magic fight with her friends, shaking her rattle over and over, saying "Cadde, Cadde! Cadde, CADDE!!", blowing bubbles, visiting her fairy baby friends, and of course, to top it all off, granting wishes for Kimmy!


Cadde bears about the same resemblence as Poof, except Cadde's eyes, hair, and onesey are pinkish-red


Cadde is a Frisky, Happy-Go-Lucky, Lazy baby that loves to have fun. She is quite the chatterbox, But is mainly quiet most of the time. When she gets angry, She turns into a spinning twister, that sucks up anything in her path.


Stupid Cupid (debut)

Griffin Episode (first speaking role; undisguised)

Cadde vs. Cadde

Playdate of Doom 2

Spellementary School 2

Cadde's Playdate

The Return of Anti-Cadde

Elimination Baby

Angel The Baby

Angel for Queen

Poofette and Foopina

Toddler Twist

Is there a Poof in the House?

The Next "77 Secret s of The Fairly Oddparents!"

Moddest Odds

The Doomettes!

The Baby-Limpics!

13 Wishes

Angel the angel

EL Poof-Poof

Spellementary School 3

New Babies in Town

Lulu's In Love

Wishology 3, Return of the Darkness Part 1

Wishology 3, Return of the Darkness Part 2

Wishology 3, Return of the Darkness Part 3

Mommy Dearest (Cameo)

Wish of Gloom (Cameo)

Night of the Living Poof (Short Appearance)

Flowerbloom's Royal Party (Cameo, Seen in Party)



  • Her Anti-Fairy Counterpart is Anti-Cadde
  • Cadde was allowed to stay with Kimmy because Jorgen re-legallized Fairy Babies
  • No one knows when she was born, what episode, and why.
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