(Dimmsdale Beach; Timmy, Chester and A.J. relaxing)
Timmy: Ah, nothing like having some rest and relaxation with your best friends sure takes the cake, huh, guys?
Chester: Yeah, don't you think, A.J.?
A.J.: Positively. Yet, who eats cake in the beach?
Chester: (camera points to Chester with cake stuffed in his face) Uhh, dumb people for sure.
Mark Chang: (heard) Sheeaugh!
Timmy: So much for RnR.
(Mark in his human form surfing in the ocean like a pro)
Timmy: I gotta admit, I wish I could do that.
(camera moves to Cosmo, Wanda and Poof in crab form raising their wands until Timmy stops them)
Timmy: Figure of speech.
A.J.: Maybe I could give surfing a try.
Timmy: Uh, okay. Just be careful.
(A.J. surfing behind Mark; the waves slowly begin to rise and splash on A.J.; A.J. drowning in the ocean until the screen fades to black; a crash was heard; the scene points to A.J. waking up revealing it was all a dream)
Timmy: You okay, buddy? We've heard a crash.
A.J.: No worries, brah. Everything is radical.
(Timmy and Chester questionably looks at each other)
Timmy: Okay... wanna watch some Crash Nebula?
A.J.: (looking in the sky) The challenge. It challenged me, and I failed its awesomeness.
Chester: A.J., why are you talking like that?
A.J.: I think I need some fresh air. Yall dig?
Timmy: Uhh, sure... we dig.

(A.J. holding an ironing board while wearing fake blond surfing hair)
Chester: Where are you going with that ironing board?
A.J.: I've excepted the challenge again, and nothing will stop me.
Timmy: Yeeah. Well, I you need me, I'll be working on a tan. (walks out)
A.J.: Righteous, bro. Totally. (walks out)
Chester: I'll... follow you. (catches up to A.J.)

(Timmy relaxing)
Wanda: So, you just left him with his new personality?
Timmy: Yeah, but he'll be alright. That is if he doesn't do anything stupid.
Cosmo: Like eating cake in the beach? That would really look messed up.
Wanda: Maybe you should watch over him to make sure he's doesn't kill himself with this new personality of his.
Timmy: Okay, I'll go check up on him.
(Timmy sees A.J. still walking with his ironing board)
Chester: A.J., I don't know where you're going but, I'm not sure I'll like it.
A.J.: Don't worry, it's a big harmless challenge.
Chester: I still don't know what you mean by that.
Timmy: He's still in his little surfing world.
Cosmo: So, you think that A.J. being stuck in his little surfing world would be a good thing?
Timmy: Well, when you put it that way, he might do something to get himself killed. I better do something about it. (walks to Chester) What's going on?
Chester: You're not going to like this.
(A.J. surfing in the ocean)
A.J.: I am ready for you, big wave!
(background flashes to reality seeing A.J. really getting sank in the lava of the Dimmsdale Volcano)
Timmy: Oh, no! Chester! Evasive maneuver 4!
Chester: On it!
(Chester's braces pop off and flies near the volcano making a track on top the volcano; Timmy and Chester walks on the braces track and quickly grabs A.J. before he gets melted by the volcano)
Timmy: A.J. A.J., can you hear me?
A.J.: My names, not A.J. It's C.J. C as in Cool.
Chester: What's wrong with you, man?
Timmy: I think I know what.

(Timmy's Treehouse)
Timmy: Hmmm. Looks like you've got a blow in the head during our nap in my Treehouse.
A.J.: For the first time, I feel more alive than ever!
(Timmy and Chester looks at each other with an ideal look)
Chester: Say, A.J., we got another challenge for you.
A.J.: Righteous! What is it?
Timmy: We want you to jump on this pillow landing on your head.
A.J.: Pssth. Easy peasy, dawgs. (backs up) Okay, I'm ready.
Timmy: One...
Chester: Two...
Both: Three!
(A.J. jumps near the pillow on his head; Chester quickly grabs the pillow before A.J. lands on it; A.J. hits his head hard)
Timmy: A.J., are you alright?
A.J.: Oh, my head.
Timmy: A.J., what's the final digit of pi?
A.J.: Well, (pulls up a calculator) by converting the number 20, you get to...
Timmy and Chester: He's back.
A.J.: Uh, was I gone?
Timmy: Yeah, you were "totally off the chain" sounding like,... Mark? What are you doing here?
Mark: I was just in the neighborhood, and they're hosting a sports event in the beach. Who's up for it?
Chester: I think we've had enough board sports for one day. Don't you think, A.J.?
A.J.: Positively,... bro.
(all laugh)
(ending title card)

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