Ivy Kinkle

Carly Shay, as she appears in the show

Wilbert Thompson

Wilbert is Timmy's new British friend, when timmy visits Wilbert's house with Cosmo and Wanda, he finds he has fairy god parents too.

Carly Shay

When Icarly star Miranda Cosgove appeared on Fairly Odd Parents she decided to play her alter-ego Carly Shay in a cartoonised form, the character ran a web show with Timmy, thanks to Cosmo and Wanda and it was a huge success, then Carly leaves for a career in 'MollyWood'.

Melina Jay

Melina Jay is Timmy's love interest and appears to be a nerdy type and nobody likes her, except timmy. But, it appears that hs ehas a love crush on the school bully.


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