Bullies Anonymous!
Season 1 (Fairly Odd Seesponges Series), Episode 7
Air date July 7, 2012
Written by User: Anti-Cosmo Dude


Directed by Butch Hartman
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Bullies Anonymous! is the 7th episode of Season 1 of Fairly OddSeesponges! In this episode, Connor and Jenna's class performs a play called Bullies Anonymous! The play is sucessful but Quintin tries to ruin it.


It is the day before the Bullies Anonymous Play, and Connor's class is practicing. When the bell rings, Connor and Jenna walk home from school. Quintin flies home since he is part Vampire bat. The next day, Connor and Jenna put on the costumes they made. Connor goes as Father Bully and Jenna goes as Alex. Quintin goes to Dracula View and puts on his Vampire hat. Meanwhile, they walked to school and found all of their classmates wearing their costumes. The play is succesful and went it went by fast. Then they had to wait for the night performance.

When it was time, they drove to school and Quintin had the loudest ringtone on his phone ready. During the middle of the play, he gets ready and when he plays the ringtone, the phone immediatly runs out of batteries. Mrs. Seesponges finds out and Quintin is grounded for two weeks. After the play, their parents award them with a trip to the ice cream shop. Quintin went to a different store and got carrot cake without the cake.

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Daran Norris as Connor and Quintin

Tara Strong as Jenna, Mrs. Seesponges, and Mrs. Fullerton

Tom Kenny as Mr. Seesponges and Francis Cornfish

Jim Ward as Zeke Fullerton

Butch Hartman as Mr. Fullerton and other students


  • The play is real and performed by real kids.

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