Brain Drain
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date February 3, 2012
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Brain Drain is the fifth episode of Fairly OddSeesponges Season 2. It will air February 3, 2013. In this episode, a smart kid named Zach is sabotaged by Quintin.

Short Summary

Quintin is jealous of a kid named Zach who goes to his school and has straight As. Now he has created a device called the Knowledge-Sucker-Thingy which can suck up all the knowledge in anyone's brain and transport it to another (the two minds switch). After Quintin traps Zach, Connor and Jenna get him out of the trap and thrawrt his plan, even though Quintin is their brother.


The episode starts with Quintin watching Zach as he constsntly raises his hand when Mrs. Ponce, his teacher, is asking questions. When Quintin walks home, he asks his dad if he can buy a blueprint with him. Mr. Seesponges says yes and when he comes back home, Quintin brainstorms. "What device should I create?" he wondered as he crossed out some ideas that wouldn't work. Quintin finally settled on the Knowledge-Sucker-Thingy, where the device switches minds. He laughs evilly as the sun sets and Connor and Jenna are playing Checkers downstairs. The next day, Quintin asks Zach if he could come to a "party" at his house to celebrate his sixth B in school. Zach says sure and in the afternoon, Zach knocks on the door. Quintin says the party is in his room and they walk upstairs. He says to sit down in the comfy chair which is a trap. Quintin suddenly turns to his evil side and laughs evilly.

"Ha Ha!" He says as he sits on the other comfy chair. Quintin says that Zach is in a trap that will switch their 2 minds and that Zach's Brain will be in Quintin's body, so that whenever there will be a test, Quintin will seem to get good grades all the time. Also that Quintin's brain will be in Zach's body so he will fail allthe time. "Yeah, that's not an advantage Quintin", Zach said. "I will make you have bad grades , since I will put the wrong answers on your test. I'm not a bonehead Quintin." Quintin said, "Yeah well..... Uh.....". Suddenly, Connor and Jenna kicked Quintin's door down. "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!" Quintin shrieked as Connor and Jenna disassembled the trap. Zach thanked Connor and Jenna and walked home. "My device! Ruined, Ruined!" Quintin said as he picked up the remains of the working device. "You may be my brother, but your just a brat for sabotaging Zach", Connor said. Then he and Jenna went back downstairs to finish their game of Checkers, which they hadn't finished the day before.


  • This is the first time Quintin actually built a device that works.

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