Blonda Way or Another/Quotes

(Jorgen appears in Timmy's room)
Ivan: Hey, Jorgen, what's eating you?
Jorgen: I thought I'd crash in here and watch TV on here.
Timmy: Sure, you can watch TV here.
Jorgen: Thank you. (poofs up a TV, and plugs it into the socket) Hope this TV has good reception. (The TV flickers on to fizzing soda, fade to a fairy in a full body suit, who poofs up cola cans to three other fairies)
Announcer: Dampsi - the most magically delicious cola in Fairy World!
Ivan: These Fairy World commercials are weird.
(Commercial ends and the program Fairytainment Tonite comes on)
Fairy Hart: Welcome to Fairytainment Tonite. I'm Fairy Hart.
Bob Glimmer: And I'm Bob Glimmer. Today we've got good news and bad news regarding the the popular TV show All My Biceps. First, the good news: the creators of the show announced they're planning to introduce a new character into the show.
Fairy Hart: The bad news is that the actor who played Dr. Poof Everwish quit the show due to a disagreement with the staff and his character was retired.
Astronov: I can understand how that would be bad news, but to tell you the truth, I kind of hated Dr. Poof Everwish.
Wanda: Same here.
Fairy Hart: But, not to worry, because All My Biceps is also hosting an open casting call for fairy actors to play the replacement doctor.
Ivan: An open casting call for fairy actors? I don't see what's so special about that.
Jorgen: (pulls out a magazine cover) Ever heard of Blonda, Wanda's identical, but somewhat hotter sister?
Ivan: (amazed, hearts surround him) No, but she looks pretty!
Poof: Who's Blonda?
Jorgen: She's the main star of All My Biceps, and plays the role of a stern, lovable nurse. She's holding the audition right now!
Ivan: Timmy, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Wanda: Oh, lord...
Timmy: You're going to Fairywood to star in All My Biceps?
Ivan: Yeah, me and Poof.
Cosmo: But you're a human, you can't go there!
Ivan: That's right. And that's why I wish to be a fairy, so that I could become a fairy soap opera actor.
(Ivan's fairies raised their wands; raspberry)
Ivan: Huh? What's with the raspberry?
Neptunia: Hey, don't blame us, blame Da Rules!
Ivan: Why didn't I turn into a fairy?
Astronov: You see, Ivan, Da Rules state that wishing yourself into a fairy is not possible, unless you saved Fairy World, which, last time I checked, you did 0 times.
Timmy: Allow me. I wish Ivan was a fairy!
(Wanda sighs, Timmy's fairies raise their wands, FAIRY POOF; Ivan has turned into a fairy)
Ivan: Can I take Poof too?
Wanda: Why?
Cosmo: Because, Wanda, Poof has never met your sister before. This could be a good chance for him to get to know his aunt! Maybe he could star as a new character in the show! Look, Poof met my brother Schnozmo, so why not introduce him to his aunt, Blonda?
Timmy: He's right, Wanda.
Wanda: Okay, you can take him.
Ivan: Alright! Fairywood, here I come!
(TO FAIRYWOOD! Ivan poofs away with his fairies)
Bob Glimmer: In other news, Dr. Rip Studwell was disqualified from the latest Fairy World golf tournament after the revealation that he cheated.

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