• Blonda: Oh, Please, MY life is WAY more tougher than your...Egh, Whatever it is you do...
  • Wanda: Yeah, Right! So, How should we settle this; Samurai Ninja Battles to the Death?
  • Blonda: No, I say we switch places again! [Switches bodies with Wanda with her wand]
  • Wanda: Ok, Mrs. Spotlight, You got yourself a deal! Best of luck with my morons!

  • Blonda: [Floats next to Cosmo while Timmy is in a Super Cannon ready to be fired] Uh, Cosmo, Are you sure this is safe?
  • Cosmo: Yeup! Me `n Timmy do it all the time!
  • Timmy: Fire, Cosmo!
  • Blonda: But you are too young! Uh, Uh, OH! [poofs Timmy and Cosmo into babies before the Cannon fires]
  • Cosmo: Goo?
  • Timmy: Gah?
  • Blonda: Oh, No! What have I done?!
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