"I don't know what to say. What the heck is my line!?"
— Blonda
Blonda Fairywinkle-Magnifico

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Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Age: Over 10000 years old
Hair color: Blond
Brunette (real)
Eye color: Pink
Personal Information
  Fairywinkle Family
  Fairywood Actress
Fairy godparent (sometimes)
  Fairy World
  Jester Queen
  Timmy, Timantha, Ivan and Chloe
Cosmo, Wanda (sometimes) and Poof
Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny
Denzel Crocker
Wanda (sometimes)
Lauren (formerly)
  Winning a Zappy
Fairy Godchildren:
Trixie Tang
Remy Buxaplenty
Timmy Tang (alternate universe)
Otto Buxaplenty (future)
Marty and Mitzie Mulligan (future)
Big Daddy (father)
Hefty Ma (mother)
Wanda (twin sister)
Cosmo (brother-in-law)
Poof (nephew)
Guido (cousin)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Anthology of Terror" (as Wanda's Halloween costume)
"Blonda Way or Another" (actual)
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Blonda Fairywinkle-Magnifico (neé Fairywinkle) is a minor character in The All New Fairly OddParents! and a main character in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. She is Wanda's "identical, but somewhat hotter" sister. Blonda usually acts in movies and TV shows in Fairywood. Outside of Fairywood, she also has a job as Trixie Tang's fairy godmother (and later, Remy Buxaplenty once she and Juandissimo became a couple).



Being twins, Blonda is almost completely identical to Wanda in appearance, but her shirt is light blue, compared to Wanda's yellow shirt, and she is sometimes shown wearing much more expensive looking clothing, and has blonde hair which was revealed to be a dye job. Blonda is described as being slightly prettier than her twin sister, Wanda.

When disguised as a pet, Blonda takes the form of a blond hamster.


She has been known to be more self-centered and vain compared to her sister, Wanda and always believed she had it harder than Blonda for her life as an actress. Blonda was secretly bitter when it comes to the fact that she had never won a Zappy before, while every other fairy has, but that all changed when Ivan decided to give his Zappy to her during his brief stint in "All My Biceps". Since then, Blonda became much nicer, although she and Wanda still fight from time to time.

See Also

  • Jester Queen - Blonda's superhero alter-ego in the Crimson Chin comics.
  • Blondo - Blonda's gender swapped counterpart.
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