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|writer = Zionbishop91802
|writer = Zionbishop91802
|director = Butch Hartman
|director = Butch Hartman
|previous = [[Cat out of the Bag]]
|previous = [[Cat Out of the Bag]]
|next = [[A Sunny Storm]]
|next = [[A Sunny Storm]]

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Blast from the... Past?
Season 2, Episode 30
Blast from the... Past.png
Air date 2017
Written by Zionbishop91802
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Cat Out of the Bag
A Sunny Storm

Blast from the... Past? is the thirtieth episode of the second season and the eightith episode overall of The All New Fairly OddParents!.

Rating - TV-Y7


Ivan wants to see how Timmy got his godparents, so they wished up a time machine and went back in time and see that Timmy, his fairies, parents and Vicky look different.



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