Tammy: Okay, thank you all for coming here!

This, umm...this is a very big moment!

So let's get this party STARTED!

Tommy: Rocking out loud,

With my friends by my side!

Tammy: We're another year older,

There's really nothing to hide!

So come on, jump up,

Have fun and sing along!

Both: If you can sing and dance,

Chip Skylark: Then enjoy our birthday song!

Jessica: I hope you're ready

For another fun-filled year!

Todd: It will be filled with

Lots of joy and cheer!

Cashlin: You have all the best gifts that my money could buy!

Tommy: Not that I ever wanted them.

And trust me that's no lie!

Chip: Aah!

Tommy, Jessica: Just a couple of kids,

Havin' fun!

Tammy: What could possibly go wrong,

With our birthday song?

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